The Appetite Engine: How to Write More of the Business You Want

Appetite Engine Not a Advantage Subscriber? Click here to learn more about how your agency can begin receiving new inbound referrals today! We know successful independent insurance agencies are fueled, not just by more referrals, but by more of the RIGHT referrals. That's why we've been … [Read more...]

5 Email Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agencies Make

5 Email Marketing mistakes

Do you know what the most common activity people do on their smartphones is? It’s not checking Facebook, browsing the web or watching video. The #1 activity people do on their phones is ‘check email,’ according to a study conducted by the International Data Corporation. The study revealed that “email” was the most popular app for … [Read more...]

Moving a Classic Industry into a New Future


Present-day Millennial consumers are a far cry from the customers of the first reported insurance company, which came to America in the mid-1700s. Yet while plenty has changed since then in the industry, studies show that insurance has evolved more slowly than many other industries—particularly when it comes to new technology … [Read more...]

Fighting Wildfires with Squirt Guns

Fighting Wildfires With Squirt Guns

This has been a dry summer, and not surprisingly, a large number of forest fires are burning out west. The causes of these fires can be debated, as can the long term impacts, costs and benefits. In the short term the destruction and loss is significant. One thing is certain: The West is Burning. States and even countries work … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t Insurance Shoppers Switching? Answer: We’re All the Same

insurance shoppers switching

Independent insurance agents are all the same. Sure we'd love to talk about being different. But we're really not. We all sell on service. But if everyone is selling service, can service possibly separate one independent insurance agency from another? Before you answer that question, let's look at some data from JD Power … [Read more...]

Why Young Agents Are the Key to Choosing an Agency Management System

agency management system

24 years ago the World Wide Web arrived along with America Online & Netscape (remember those guys?). Somewhere around 90% of Young Agents today had access to Internet in their childhood. The older end of Young Agents negotiated reports and term papers with the use of the Internet in college or high school. The younger end of the … [Read more...]

3 Questions that Must be Answered Before You Begin Facebook Marketing

begin facebook marketing

Let's list off a few realities before you begin Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is not easy. Using Facebook to market your agency does not guarantee success. You will have to pay (something) to achieve results on Facebook. Facebook marketing is only one aspect of an overall digital marketing strategy. This is most … [Read more...]

Evolving the Mobile Conversation: How to text your clients

Push Notification Screenshot

Evolving the Mobile Conversation Is texting the new email? Remember a few years back when this was a hot button issue… Email providers scrambled to acknowledge the adoption of mobile and refine their mobile platforms. They wanted to answer the above question with a loud “No.” But underneath the texting vs email debate lies … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Marketing

a beginner's guide to linkedin marketing

“Ok, let me think about that.” If I had a quarter for every time I heard my dad tell me that growing up, I’d definitely be driving my dream car right now. The 2015 Ford Mustang, in case you were wondering. Decisions weren’t something taken lightly in my family. Implications had to be weighed and alternatives had to be … [Read more...]