Social Media Explained With Donuts: How to find your audience on the top 5 social networks

social media explained with a donut

Find your audience. We hear this phrase a lot when discussing social media marketing. And it sounds intuitive, right? You have to find the people who will want or need your insurance services and target your efforts towards them. But putting this phrase into practice can be a bit daunting. You might be asking yourself: “Where is my … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Consumers Are the Best Form of Advertising

5 Reasons Why Consumers Are the Best

Word of mouth is very powerful—just ask any insurance agent. But how do referrals rank compared to other types of advertising? Can referrals alone outweigh other common channels? Is there more to successful referrals than just relying on the goodwill of customers to promote your insurance services? Recent research reveals five reasons … [Read more...]

The Story Formula: The Simple Approach to Stories That Sell


By the end of this post, you will know the secret of how to develop content for your business using the power of story. We will review a simple formula that simplifies this seemingly complicated task into easy, quick steps. As avid readers, my wife and I took extra effort to make sure that our kids enjoyed reading too. Our house was … [Read more...]

How to Lockup More Online Business: 4 Steps to a Profitable Digital Funnel {Infographic}

attract influence acquire retain

You want more online business. That's the point of engaging in digital marketing in the first place, right? Successfully growing your business online is the result of intentional activity focused on moving would-be clients step-by-step through your digital funnel. Today we're going to discuss the digital marketing funnel in terms of … [Read more...]

Boring to Bodacious: 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for the Boring Business

insurance is boring

"But Ryan, insurance is boring. My friends don't want to hear about insurance." Insurance is boring. It just is. That doesn't mean the marketing of insurance has to be boring. Over last five years I've given more than 60 presentations throughout the US to groups of insurance agents hoping to improve their digital and social … [Read more...]

Storytelling: Is Your Marketing Just a Whisper in a Hurricane?

storytelling hurricane

As any marketer can tell you, it is getting harder to get your message to cut through the clutter. If you've got a run of the mill sales pitch, it's downright impossible. You might as well whisper in a hurricane for all the people who will hear and retain it. Brad Jakeman, President, Global Beverages, Pepsi said, "The irony is that … [Read more...]

Confessions of a CSR Who Could Sell: Five Secrets to Help Your CSRs Succeed


Twenty years ago, I started in insurance as a personal lines customer service representative because I knew I didn't want to sell. I'm not a salesperson. I like customer service, however, because I like people. So I was really happy to just be an agent who serviced personal insurance clients. And then one day, the personal lines … [Read more...]

Tom Minkler: How the Independent Insurance Industry is Adapting to the Modern Consumer

tom minkler independent insurance industry adapting to the modern consumer

The modern insurance consumer is different. As Tom Minkler, Past IIABA Board Chairman explains in this interview with Agency Nation, the independent insurance industry has become to adapt to the changing modern insurance consumer journey. Tom Minkler is the president of Clark-Mortenson Insurance in Keene, NH. However, what separates … [Read more...]

Six Simple Sales Tools That Will Give Your Producers An Unfair Advantage


Do you want the inside scoop on the sales tools that are helping professionals in the insurance industry be more productive, build deeper relationships, and close more deals every day? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in. Sales Tool #1: Email--The Old Faithful Sales Machine Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. … [Read more...]

Disaster Is Only A Click Away: Protect Your Online Assets With These Tips


How quickly can you answer these questions… Do you carry car insurance? Do you know who your insurance carrier is? If you were pulled over today, could you find and present your insurance card? Do you carry homeowner's insurance? If you had a flood or fire would you have enough information to file a claim? Do you know where your ATM … [Read more...]

Is Your Insurance Agency’s Online Presence a Digital Couch Potato?


If you've been following this blog long enough (and hopefully you have!) you know that there are a lot of different variables that go into having a successful agency website and digital presence. For your insurance agency to be successful in generating leads in the digital space we exist in today, you have to posses a variety of … [Read more...]