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insurance customer experience

What insurance customer experience are you providing?

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, we discuss what the insurance customer experience looks like today and we should be going in the future.

Marketing and the Insurance Customer Experience

There is a process to marketing.

We use a recent article from Seth Godin as the backdrop to our discussion on independent insurance agency marketing process.

In a nutshell, Seth’s four steps are as follows:

  1. Create a great product
  2. Develop a process for efficient delivery
  3. Tell a great story about the product
  4. Show every day to deliver the product

How many of Seth Godin’s “Marketing in four steps,” are you providing to the¬†marketplace?

Our argument,  is that in the modern, connected, digital marketplace, not as many as we may think.

We also play a fantastic recorded phone call from a real referral.

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