10 Insurance Marketing Strategies Working Right NOW

Listen, I get it, creating impactful marketing for your insurance agency is hard.

It’s hard to come up with ideas.

It’s hard to stick with them long enough to figure out what works.

And it’s certainly hard to make sure they happen over and over again, especially when doing real insurance things start to gets in the way.

I might not be able to help you out with your real insurance tasks right now, but I can give you a list of marketing ideas that have been successfully tested by 10 ambitious agents.

Let’s get started.

1. Going Door-to-Door

Wait; what?

I know, it’s probably not exactly how you thought things would get started.

But Troy Thompson of Pinnacle Insurance swears by it and here are four reasons he thinks you should give it a try.

1. The leads are free.

All you have to do is start knocking. There’s no cost to that. All you need is plenty of business cards and rubber on the soles of your shoes.

2. They are personal

When you talk to someone on their doorstep, you’re shaking their hand, you’re meeting them face-to-face, you’re talking to their kids and even petting their dog.

You’re making a personal connection, which is something that’s very hard to do with online leads.

3. You can self-underwrite the property

This way if they’ve got 10 vehicles in the driveway, a pit bull, or trampolines, basically anything insurance doesn’t like, you can just skip right over that house.

4. The leads are hot

This is an extension of number two. When you make a personal connection, you can commit to follow-up with them the next day at 6:00 p.m.

By that time you’ll already have had a chance to send them an email and a text.

They are ready for your phone call, and you’re going to quote them.

Troy said for every hour he spends door knocking, he quotes three and sells one.

Not too bad.  

2. Blogging (Part 1)

If our first strategy was unexpected, this one comes as absolutely no surprise.

I’ve been on record, almost as long as there has been a record about what writing things down people what to know can do for your agency.

But, don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Erin Nutting, of Integrity Insurance, thinks.


“The thing that is working for my agency is blogging. Really any content creation. I have found in all the years that I’ve been in insurance, let alone an insurance agency owner, that the most success that I’ve had is sharing my story. It could be sharing how I feel about the value of a product or the best way to insure a CrossFit gym. It’s all about sharing my story with people so they can get to know me and then hopefully want to work with me.”

“Blogging is working for my agency to help create value for customers who also can share it. Mortgage lenders and realtors can share it with their clients; that way first-time home buyers start learning more about my agency. It’s also saved us a ton of time, by addressing questions like why a clients premium went up due to an accident. We actually use those blogs to help service and automate our agency.”

There’s enough truth there to speak for itself.  

3. Video Proposals

The more opportunity you give to see and hear you talk about insurance, the more likely they will want to buy it from you.

I’m pretty sure there’s a law of familiarity that fits nicely here.

Joel Dunham at Ovation Insurance isn’t even taking full advantage of all its powers, however, is fully convinced with the little he has harnessed.


“I want to talk about video. And the funny this is we aren’t even using it that much for outreach yet, but we’re getting there, slowly. But essentially, we’re using it to present our new business quotes using Quote Vids through Advisor Evolved.”

“Essentially how it works is that once the quote is prepared, we record ourselves reviewing the plan while sharing what we see on screen. Then we upload it to the website on its own page, that’s password protected and send it to the client for them to watch and review whenever they can.”

“As for results? It’s been incredible. We are closing just under 80% of the videos we’ve prepared, which is a pretty big improvement over any other method that we’ve tried.”

“What we found is that people will tell you that they understand what you’ve told them and that they’re ready to make a decision, but they’re not insurance experts. They will say they need to check with their business partner, the board or their spouse.”

“After a meeting, they have very low retention of what you talked about, most of which is focused on the price. Which ends up being the thing they talk about most and how the decision is made.”

At the very least, sending video proposals will help decrease domestic verbal altercations by at least 50 percent.  

4. Caring (Giving a Shit)

It always helps when you’re able to go above and beyond a current expectation.

When it comes to insurance, there are certainly times that are more serious than others.

Here’s just one example of how Ashley Fitzsimmons was able to do that.


“I’m still getting referrals from a client who had a significant claim last year. A tree had fallen in his house, and he texted me at 8:00 p.m.

I was out with my friends at dinner when I realized how serious the claim was. Of course, I picked up the phone and called him. He was grateful that I even did that. That was step one. When I realized that had that tree fallen two feet more to the right, that he would’ve been hurt or possibly killed, of course, I started to get upset.

The next morning I showed up at his house at 7:00 a.m. with coffee and doughnuts to make sure everything was going okay and that he was safe. The client was thrilled that I even showed up at all and has not stopped talking about how great of an agency we are since that day. As a result, the referrals keep coming through the door.”

The smallest amount of acknowledgment can create a big impact that turns into a client for life.

This is also a prime example of how marketing, sales, and service constantly overlap to create an endless experience.  

5. (More) Caring

Sometimes, even with an overload of information at our fingertips, it’s hard to remember how to act like a human being.

While upon first glance, those simple acts of kindness are overlooked, they are sometimes the hardest to participate with consistently.

Regardless of how cliche it is, Michael Ley, of Ley Insurance, tries really hard to never lose sight of their impact.


“Something that works really well for us here in the agency is making our clients feel like family. I know it’s cliché, I know it’s the thing that we all talk about doing. I follow most of my clients on social media. If I see a life event, like someone getting married, or having a baby or even if it just sounds like they’re down that day, and asking for help, I’ll drop a card in the mail that says, “Hey, thinking of you,” and letting them know that somebody’s out there.I know it sounds cliché, but the response that we get, and the thank yous for that are amazing.

“All the phone calls, text messages, and emails are overwhelming. We’ve started a year ago doing a text campaign in the agency as well and we’ll just send a simple happy birthday text or something like that.”

Again, it’s really amazing to see what happens when you give someone a little extra time to know you’re there. No matter what anyone says, it’s hard to do consistently and greatly appreciated when done authentically.

6. Facebook Live Video

Now we’re getting serious. If you’re brave enough to hit the live button you’ll be surprised who shows up and how many people start paying attention.

Live video is only going to become more and more prominent in the online quest for attention, so developing this skill early and often is a good idea.

Richard Brown has been doing this for a while at Centennial Insurance.


“I believe Zig Ziglar said it best. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” And this is so important when it comes to video marketing. You have to start. One of the many benefits of doing Facebook Live videos, is that once I press the live button, I’m being my true, authentic self. There’s no time to stop, to re-record or erase.“Everything’s out there. That’s why I love doing Facebook live videos because I tend to get more traction, more comments, more shares compared to my prerecorded content. However, I’ll always have prerecorded stuff as well.”

But Facebook Live helps me get out and about and meet more people. I’ve had the most success with my “Local Business Profile,” where I go out and interview local business owners. It helps me learn more about the business in town and more about the people running them. On top of that, they’re sharing these videos on their personal pages as well as their business page, and of course, I’m sharing it as well. So it’s win-win for everyone involved.”

It’s never a bad thing when more people you want to do business with know who you are. It’s also amazing what happens when you start a relationship giving everything you can without any agenda.

Showing up and talking about someone else’s business is an easy way to make all of it happen.  

7. Speaking the Language (Associations)

It’s hard to fight against someone that cares as much about their industry as they do.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with someone and being able to speak intimately about their business creates a far superior level of trust.

It also doesn’t hurt if you happen to like them as people and possibly even friends they Julie Bryndal at Berret and Associates does.


“Something that works for us is active participation in our local trade association, and for us, that association is the Builders Association here in Indianapolis. We’ve found over the 15 plus years we’ve been members that they’re just a perfect fit for us. The reason being is one, all three of us in the office has had, in a prior life, experience in construction over varying capacities. But we’ve been in the industry, we can talk the talk and we can relate to the members, which is huge.

Also, we enjoy hanging out with these people. They’re friends; it’s important to the way we like to do things. If you’re going to spend a lot of time and money with this group, then you got to enjoy it.”

There are certainly no rules against enjoying the people you do business with.  

8. Websites (Content and SEO)

Alright, fine. Yes, this is a pretty big “secret” to lump together in one.

However, if you’re still waiting to get serious about attracting people online, think about this…

Rarely does someone regret the time they spent figuring out how to make it all work. If anything, they only become more focused on how to keep going.

Jerry and Nancy Nicklow at Huff Insurance isn’t any different.


<em“since going=”” live=”” with=”” our=”” website=”” in=”” 2011,=”” we’ve=”” been=”” able=”” to=”” double=”” new=”” business=”” production=”” year=”” over=”” year,=”” and=”” it=”” is=”” a=”” magic=”” bullet.=”” has=”” at=”” the=”” core=”” of=”” what=”” made=”” us=”” successful=”” last=”” 10=”” years.=””  =”” it’s=”” amazing=”” when=”” launched=”” site=”” we=”” figured=”” didn’t=”” have=”” big=”” web=”” presence,=”” so=”” we’d=”” put=”” out=”” there=”” see=”” happened.=”” how=”” many=”” people=”” even=”” own=”” community=”” actually=”” find=”” online.=”” here=”” are=”” some=”” stats=”” highlight=”” progress=”” seen.=”” first=”” went=”” back=”” were=”” getting=”” roughly=”” 200=”” month=”” through=”” website.=”” that’s=”” awful.=”” gradually=”” grew=”” those=”” traffic=”” numbers.=”” as=”” 2017,=”” attracting=”” 1,650=”” visitors=”” per=”” months,=”” organically.=”” now=”” jump=”” that=”” number=”” up=”” almost=”” 2,700=”” organic=”” month.”<=”” em=””>

There’s undoubtedly been some hard work behind that focusing on SEO, product pages and our blog. To the point now a lot of our blogs answer questions our CSR’s frequently get asked.”</em“since>


9. Blogging (Part 2)

This one is so important it has to be on the list twice. #Truth

There’s also no one who’s gone all in more on it and seen more significant results than my buddy Rob McCarthy of GRBM Insurance.


“There’s really only one marketing strategy that’s working regularly for my agency and has been working the last a couple of years consistently. That strategy is content creation. Now I specifically have had the most success with blogging or written-word content. We also do video, but I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t had nearly as much success with them as I have written posts. However, we do very well with our content and SEO game and hope to get video to the same level soon.

“But once again, I can’t say it enough, my insurance marketing tactic that’s working today, in 2018, blogging. Content creation, content marketing. Works all day, every day. Even when I’m sleeping, we still have people searching, finding us on Google, generating leads for the business.”

I mean, is there anything better than an article you spent a couple of hours writing delivering business years later…?

I’ll wait for you to suggest something better.  

10. Referral Partners (Bobble On)

Instead of creating marketing that sends one sale to you at a time, why not focus on marketing that creates a ton of sales?

That’s exactly what Matt Naimoli and Zach Gould at G&N Insurance have been doing for a long time.


“Zach and I were lucky to find our niche early on. The home-buying experience was what we wanted to be experts in. So we started building referral networks around mortgage brokers, realtors, and attorneys. Once we were able to amass a huge number of these partners to get referrals, it required a lot of face time to stay top of mind. We’d go out for coffee, lunches, dinners, presentations, and drinks, all the time. It required a ton of effort to always be the first agency they thought of. If referrals dipped down, we jumped in and said, “Hey, let’s meet up.”

What we changed in the last a couple of years was on social media we started talking directly to our referral partners and other people who potentially wanted to send us business. Instead of using social media to highlight our culture and our brand. That small shift has had a huge effect; now we don’t have to take these meetings every day, every meal and every coffee, to keep things fresh with our referral partners. Now we’re able to talk to the masses in one message, and it’s working for us because it gets our most valuable asset back, which is time.”


The Bottom Line

Anyone of these strategies can dramatically work inside your agency.

Things start to get interesting when you start to mix and match them to create multiple streams of highly effective lead generation.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you dedicate enough time, effort and resources there’s a good chance you won’t need to read another list like this for a long time.

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