10 Ways for Insurance Agents to Stand Out on Social Media

Let’s face it as an agent, you have to get creative when it comes to building a business, so that you can stand out as the #1 person that people will come to for their insurance needs.

Then you add in the crazy changing social media algorithms and it seems to get even harder!

When it comes to building a business, sometimes it takes some creative problem solving! Lucky for you, I’ve done the creative thinking on your behalf. I’m going to tell you 10 Unexpected Ways to Stand Out to Attract More Leads and Make More Sales, so you can hit your crush your goals for this year and stay ahead of the game!

Ready? Here we go!


#1. Optimize Your Personal Profile Cover Photo

Your personal page is NOT the place to do official business. It’s a place to connect and build relationships with ideal clients or Power Partners. When you’re optimizing your personal page, you want to have something in your cover photos that’s very human and personal, maybe even family related, so that you’re not being a salesy weirdo.


#2. Optimize your personal page “info” section.

There is a little spot under your profile picture on your personal Facebook profile that can be filled out with all sorts of clickable info. This is where you’ll add in a little “business card.” So many people miss this step or have broken links. So after you set this up, be sure to go back and test it!

In this little section on the left of your desktop screen, you can include all sorts of information! Link to your business page, website, other social accounts and share a little bit of text that establishes your business mission. Super easy to do. You just get in there, edit the info, say where you’re working, and connect it to the specific business page. Really, really awesome.


#3. Go to selfie town.

Every time you meet with a client, or you create a video, take selfies. You’re already camera ready. Take selfies. Keep them in a folder on your phone, or in a folder on your computer in Dropbox or on Google drives with your team can have access to them. Use a tool like remove.bg to remove the background strategically, so you can use it in your marketing materials.

Seriously… Go to selfie town!

My sister, Instagram expert Mary Pendleton, (@lovemarypendleton on instagram, follow her you won’t regret it) She said something so brilliant, which is, “When you signed up to be in a business that uses social media as a growth strategy, you may not realize it… but you also signed up to be a model.” So do it.

Go to selfie town.


#4. Water the seeds of belief

If you want someone to purchase from you, there are certain things they need to believe about you, about your specific product, about themselves, and about the urgency; why it’s important to do this right now. There are things they need to believe about those four categories. You want to organize those four things into a beautiful marketing tree of beliefs so that your content can actually help to water those seeds and get them ready to purchase from you.

They don’t know what you know.

They don’t know what they don’t know.

You’ve got to create content that teaches them certain beliefs so that they can actually say, “yes” to your offer. This way there’s different “branches” in your marketing, that are going to guide them toward these monumental beliefs that they need to believe. These belief “branches” are also a great way of squashing objections.


#5. Record “Tree” Videos

After you identify the beliefs that will pre-suade them, You want to create a wealth of content that speaks to those beliefs. The best way to do that? Take those beliefs and make them into videos! Those videos can then be repurposed into a million other pieces of content!


#6. Create a Facebook Group filled with your ideal clients.

If you are looking to build a community online, a Facebook group is the BEST way to do it. Know your ideal client, and solve their problems by bringing them together in a community of like-minded people… lead by YOU.


#7. Connect your Facebook group to your business page

If you are building a group, this is a big one! Connect your group to your Facebook business page. I used to suggest not to do this, but I have changed my mind recently, because there are so many options of really cool Ninja things you can do with your Facebook group if it’s connected to your business page. Just trust me.


#8. Repurpose and reuse your content

Don’t think that just because your content has already gone out there, that everyone has seen it. Chances are most people have not seen it, so repost and repurpose. You can repurpose almost any video! When we do a video, Be.Live allows us to download, So we download it, edit it, and we repurpose as much as possible. I mean, blog posts, quotes, mini videos, gifs – so many possibilities.


#9. Segment and engage

A lot of agents end up not connecting with other humans because they get overwhelmed with the amount of people to connect with.

Use Facebook friends lists to organize your personal contacts. Most people don’t even know that friends lists exist… but I’ve been using them since 2010! I even had my wedding list organized there. It’s an absolute game changer.


#10. Network for your page

Don’t only show up and connect as your personal account. Show up and connect as your business page. That means, go to other pages and like them as your page. Comment on other pages as your page. The only way I don’t suggest that you do this is in Facebook groups. I don’t like when people join my Facebook group as a business page because I want my Facebook group to be something where we’re connecting as humans. But on business pages, use your business page to connect!

Woah! That’s a lot! Ha! I’m looking forward to diving into these tips in the future and pulling back the curtain so that you can be the most impactful agent in the universe!

I hope that these 10 Unexpected Ways to Stand Out, Attract More Leads, And Make More Sales, will help you to unlock your inner awesome and elevate it with the magic of live video and social media marketing!

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