10X Your Reviews with 1 Easy Video

This sprint teaches you how to create and use 1 video that will help you generate 10 times more reviews for Facebook, Google and Yelp.
45 min

Why Should You Create This Video?

Our society has been conditioned to “check out” a business online.

In fact, you have probably done this to a business already! Multiple times!!

This means that businesses are actually hurt by a lack of reviews.

Reviews are not an additional marketing resource for your company, they are a necessary marketing resource for your company.

So, why ask for reviews through a video?

Video, in particular, is a more powerful communication medium than text.

It’s immersive.

More people who watch a video take action than those who read text.

How to Create Your Review Ask Video

There are 4 (very easy) steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Script your video.
  2. Setup your shot.
  3. Edit your video.
  4. Host your video.

Let’s walk through each of these.

1. Script Your Video

I’m about to make this even easier.

Download the “Review Ask Video Script” above.

Even if you want to keep the script basically the same, read it out loud and modify the sentences to how you would speak.

Basically, make it yours!

2. Setup Your Shot

We’ll go through both the Starter Setup and Advanced Setup.

The Starter Setup is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the extra funds to invest in video equipment and wants the down-and-dirty free version.

The Advanced Setup is perfect for someone who can invest in better video equipment to increase the quality of their videos.

If you’re just getting started in video, try the Starter Setup first. As you get more comfortable, think about investing in better equipment.


(keep scrolling for Advanced Setup)

Here is your pre-record checklist:

1. Fasten your camera to your tripod (see above “Recommended Gear” for tripod suggestion).

2. Place your camera/tripod in front of a window for the best lighting, make sure it’s recording in landscape and adjust the height so that you are centered and your eyes are in the upper third.

3. Ask those around you to quiet down for a few minutes to record or find a room and shut the door!

4. Finally, print your script in big font and tape it to the window where you’ll be recording. Run through your script 5 – 6 times before hitting record. That’ll help everything run much more smoothly.



As opposed to the Starter Setup above, the Advanced Setup includes more gear.

Instead of using natural light or taping paper to windows, we are going to get you outfitted with tools that will make recording much easier and producer higher quality results!

Here is your pre-record checklist:

1. Fasten your camera to your tripod (see above “Recommended Gear” for camera suggestions) and adjust the height so that you are centered and your eyes are in the upper third.

2. Place your ring light behind the camera, slightly above the top of your head and pointed slightly down.

3. Place your shotgun mic on top of your camera and plug it in. OR place your lav mic on top of your camera, plug it in, connect the receiver and fasten it to your shirt. Test your audio by hitting record and playing it back OR by plugging in a pair of headphones.

4. Adjust your FPS/Frame Rate to 24, your Shutter Speed to 50, your F-Stop to the lowest setting and your ISO to lighten or darken the shot as needed.

5. Open your Padcaster app, download your script and place your phone directly in front of your camera. Adjust the app speed accordingly. Or forget the teleprompter and do it!

5. Run through your script 5 – 6 times and HIT RECORD!

3. Edit Your Video

Below, we’ll show you a few quick edits:

    • Cut out the best take (Starter & Advanced)
    • Remove pauses or mess-ups (Starter & Advanced)
    • Add your logo (Starter & Advanced)
    • Add some background music (Advanced)
    • Add a branded opening intro (Advanced)
    • Add a closing call to action (Advanced)

Our Favorite Music Sites:

When looking for a music site, make sure that you get a corporate license for the music you purchase (meaning you can use it for your business, in advertising, etc). 

If you don’t want to edit your video yourself, you can find an editor here: https://www.fiverr.com/.

4. Host Your Video

To determine where we should host this video online, we need to think about the video’s audience and purpose.

Our audience is current clients.

Our purpose?

This isn’t a marketing video used to get a bunch of attention.

This is a video laser-focused on getting one person at a time to do one specific thing: leave a review.

And we really want analytics to see whether the video is accomplishing its intended purpose.

So, a private hosting platform would be best.

My personal recommendation would be Wistia (better analytics).

But you can also use YouTube’s private hosting option for free.

(I realize that above I said YouTube is a public hosting platform, but they do have a “private setting” option for the videos as well.)

Note that you will not get very deep analytics and you will be sending people to a platform with lots of distractions, but it’s $0.

Not a bad place to start.

Here’s how to create a YouTube account and upload a video to YouTube privately:

Here’s how to upload a video to Wistia:


Now, let’s weaponize this awesome new video you’ve created.

It’s about to be rainin’ reviews!

How to Use Your Review Ask Video

I’m going to show you not 1, but 3 ways you can use this amazing review video you’ve just created.

  1. Right after you close a new client
  2. In your renewal process
  3. In your service emails

Let’s go.

1. Right after you close a new client

Here’s how to properly add your video to a manual onboarding campaign:

  • Download the “Onboarding Email Template” above.
  • Choose an appealing cover photo.
  • Take a screenshot of it.
  • Paste the picture in your email.
  • Hyperlink the picture with the URL of your video’s landing page.
  • Link to Facebook, Google or Yelp at the end of the video.

Many agencies have actually chosen to automate their onboarding process to improve efficiency.

You can simply include this email in the automation and send it out the day after the policy is delivered.

In addition to the above, I want to share one more more review generation tactic with you.

It’s what I call the Assumptive Close.

It’s a tactic used by a very smart Minnesota agency who now has close to 100 reviews.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When his producer or account manager is on the phone with the new client, they casually ask the new client something like: “Hey, since you had such a great experience, would you mind leaving us a review on Google?”
  2. The new client typically says: “Yes of course!”
  3. But once they hang up, the new client gets busy with their own life and forgets to leave the review. Human nature.
  4. Meanwhile, the account manager writes them a Welcome Card that says something along the lines of: “We’re so excited that you’re now a part of the _____ Insurance family! If you need anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me, text me or email me. I’m always here to help. By the way, included in this card is a $5 Starbucks gift card. We just wanted to say thank you so much for leaving us that online review! We appreciate it more than you know.”
  5. Cue the guilt.
  6. The new client then immediately goes to leave a great review.
  7. Boom. Assumptive close works its magic yet again.

This is a bit more manual work, yes.

Although – I have heard of agencies who have found ways to automate this process. More to come on that.

But like I said, this agency has close to 100 reviews.

So, the extra effort delivers.

2. In your renewal process

The steps to getting this review ask up and running are very similar to what was followed just above.

The only real difference is that instead of including your video in the onboarding automation or new policy email, you will include it in the last email that goes out in your policy review process.


That was easy.

3. In your service emails

Watch The Reviews Pour In!

A good review generation strategy is executed on once and delivers endlessly.

We’ve walked you through how to create the best video and where it will have maximum impact in your pre-existing business process.

Having said that, these tactics will help you find and motivate the people who have had good or great experiences to share them.

Now it’s your job to “wow” ’em!


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