LinkedIn is currently making a rapid resurgence to social media relevancy.

Here are 12 LinkedIn marketing tactics to achieve social media world domination!

…or maybe just drive more engagement, attention and leads to your insurance business.

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12 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

Today I’m setting up to do a quick promo video for the OIA Annual Convention, which is actually in three weeks. I really have one more day to get this video to them, since next week I’m going to be in Vegas at InsureTech Connect.

I hope to see many of you there. While I’m setting up for this shot, I am going to talk to you a little bit about LinkedIn marketing and why now is the time to come back and try LinkedIn all over again.

Why are we talking about LinkedIn today?

It’s a social platform that most people have let fall to the side. They use it as their Rolodex, but don’t really see it in its true social sense.

The answer is, LinkedIn is rapidly becoming Google Plus in the good old days of Google Plus when it was just a no-holds bar Wild West communication and engagement connection engine.

For a long time, Google Plus was by far my favorite social network strictly because of the deep relationships that I was building.

I believe that LinkedIn has taken a page out of Google Plus’s book, taken the best features that made Google Plus’s newsfeed powerful and implemented them directly into their own system.

What you’re seeing is crazy engagement, posts getting 50 to 100 comments.

I’m averaging seven to 10 new connections in the industries that I want to connect with people every single day. Posts getting 6,000, 10,000 and in one case, 30,000 plus views on it. Just one single post on LinkedIn.

I’m going to teach you everything that I’m doing and if you put some of these things into practice, I think you can start to build your connection, your engagement on LinkedIn and start to pull out the prospects and the leads that you want to do business with from the LinkedIn network because they’re all there.

Let’s get into the easy stuff first.

So, three quick tips, things that you should be doing without a doubt. This is the really easy things.


1) Fill Out Your Profile

First, fill out your profile. This is the most commonly shared LinkedIn advice. I did a little research last night on LinkedIn marketing. Literally every single post, the very first thing is fill your profile out all of the way.

There are reasons for this. One, it’s essentially your resume.

I don’t ask for resumes anymore when I’m hiring people.

I just look at their LinkedIn. This goes the same for the meetings that I’m making on InsureTech Connect.

If I see somebody who looks interesting, I go and check out their LinkedIn and see what they’re all about, what their history is. Are there places where we have common connections? Are there places where our lives may have inter-crossed where we have something mutual in common to talk about?

LinkedIn is a powerful place to build a deeper connection with people when they go to do research on you.

Also, your profile shows up in search.

When someone Googles your name because they want to do business with you, your LinkedIn profile is most likely on page one. If it’s not, you’re doing some incredibly wrong on LinkedIn.

That means you haven’t done any work. Really, it shows up first and people click on it. They’re most likely going to check out your LinkedIn before they check out your website.

Fill out your profile.

Have it up-to-date.

This is the easy stuff.

You have to do it.

2) Connect with Customers

Two of the easy stuff. Connect with your customers.

When you do business with someone, just reach out to them on LinkedIn and say, “It was great to do business with you. Thanks for choosing our agency. Thanks for working with us.”

If you’re a carrier you can say, “Hey, new agency, thanks for working with us, we really appreciate it. Let’s connect on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch.”

Easy stuff.

Connect with the people you know. Connect, connect, connect.

3) Get Recommendations

Three of the easy stuff and this is the lost benefit of a LinkedIn profile: Recommendations.

If you work with somebody and they enjoy doing business with you, ask for a recommendation. It shows up really nice on the profile.

It’s a testimonial. Everyone loves testimonials.

We’re talking about reviews on Google, reviews on Yelp, reviews on Facebook. LinkedIn recommendations are person reviews, not reviews of your agency, but person reviews of you and you work.

Never forget about recommendations. So many people have stopped asking for recommendations.

If you do business with somebody, get a recommendation on LinkedIn from them.

It’s incredibly powerful.

This is the easy stuff.

This is the baseline stuff. This is the stuff that you should be doing regardless.

These three items are the barrier to entry to doing LinkedIn even this well.

Let’s get into the advanced stuff.


4) Long Form Social Shares

The very first advanced LinkedIn tactic that I want to share for you is actually how I got those really large view numbers on the posts that I showed you before.

That is, long form social shares into LinkedIn.

What does that mean?

The actual social sharing feature, not the publisher platform.

You can have up to 1,200 characters in one of those sharing posts. I do text only. If I have a link, I put it in the comments.

This is a right-now-tactic that you’re ringing the algorithm and if you use this, I’m telling you, you will see much larger reach by putting the comment or the link in the first comment.

You then are bypassing what I think LinkedIn is using as an algorithm feature, which is to anything that is link shared they’re reducing, but if you’re just sharing what they consider a thought or something like that a text only long form social share in LinkedIn.

Incredible views. Then, if you want to drive people somewhere if you have a call to action, put it in the comments.

I’m seeing 30, 40, 50 comments in some of these posts and it’s really driving a lot of engagement, a lot of new connections and building a lot of relationships and also getting a lot of direct messages going inside of LinkedIn. This is my number one advanced tactic.

I put it in the beginning for a reason and this is the one that you need to start using right now.

5) Comment. Comment. Comment.

Be engaged in the community on LinkedIn.

This is super simple.

If you’re adding value through comments, people are going communicate comment back to you. You’re going to start to have a conversation and you’re going to go, “Oh, this guy, this woman, they’re super smart. I’d love to have them as a connection here on LinkedIn.” Connect.

Now, when you share some of your own material, they’re going to see it because you’re connected to them.

Comment, comment, comment.

Be part of the community.

This goes along with the whole give without expectation of reciprocation.

This is a tactic, but really, your comments have to add value.

They have to have a purpose.

If they do, I promise you, you’re going to get lots of connections back and you’re going to get engagement back and you’re ultimately going to start to build out a really robust and really valuable LinkedIn community.

6) Influencer Outreach

Advanced LinkedIn tactic number three: influence outreach.

What does that mean?

If you have an article that you’ve written or you’re running some sort of program or event or something like that that you want to drive people to, use the LinkedIn e-mail system, in-mail, to message influencers.

People in your community who may have a large sets of connections, they don’t have to have a ton, they just have to have the right connections and send them a message and say,

“Hey, I’m doing this thing or I wrote this article and if you’re interested, if you think it’s valuable to your community, I’d love for you to share it.”

You have to be genuine.

You can’t do this all of the time, but reaching out to influencers and helping them add value to their community through something you’ve created, can be a great way to spread your message deeper into the community.

Something LinkedIn influencers love is being able to be on top of new stories, be on top of great content.

Your content has to have value and has to really hit home on something that’s valuable to them, but if it does, some of them will share it and you’re going to get a lot more reach.

It’s a wonderful way to get more attention and engagement on LinkedIn.

7) LinkedIn Native Video

Advanced LinkedIn tactic #4 is native video, just like Facebook and Twitter, you can now upload video directly to LinkedIn.

Why would you do that versus just sharing a YouTube link?

The answer is, sometimes people don’t want to leave the platform they’re on and go to another platform. In this case going from LinkedIn to YouTube.

Truthfully, if it’s all about getting people in front of the message, all of that truly matters is that they view it. If they view it on LinkedIn, or they view it on YouTube, shouldn’t necessarily be a big deal, as long as they take in that entire message and get the value from it.

Today, I think LinkedIn video is an incredible opportunity.

Not a lot of people are doing it, particularly not a lot of people are doing it really well, so I think you can jump on this and start to accelerate your brand and stand out.

Now, two years from now, three years from now, this may be just a run of the mill tactic, but right now, on LinkedIn, it’s incredibly powerful and it’s a way to stand out. I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Facebook has had native video for a while and it certainly is still rocking and rolling.

I would look into taking your videos that you would normally just publish to YouTube, and also natively uploading them to LinkedIn.

See an example of LinkedIn Native video here.

8) Share LinkedIn Posts in other Social Media

Something that I’ve done a couple of times and had a ton of success with – and this is advanced LinkedIn tactic #5 – is share your LinkedIn posts off of LinkedIn.

Actually shared LinkedIn posts on Twitter.

I’m not talking about the publisher platform, I’m talking about the social shares. You can click on the date of that post. That will give you a specific link to that post only and then you can share it on LinkedIn and you can share it in the Facebook.

In the case of what I’ve done a couple of times, I’ve posted and received incredible amounts of engagement and tons of content where I thought the agency nation newsletter could really add to it or would find the conversation valuable.

I’ve actually done newsletters and driven people to a LinkedIn post and had a lot of engagement and really taken those posts to another level.

You can now share LinkedIn posts by clicking the date and then getting the unique link, you can share them on any social platform just like you would a blog post or a video on YouTube or something like that.

I wouldn’t do this for all of them because then it just devalues what you’re doing, but for posts that really, really go bananas, you can take those to another level by starting to share them out through your other mediums.

9) Publisher Platform

LinkedIn advanced strategy #6 is finally the publisher platform.

Guys, this is a wonderful way to create long form content that clearly defines you as a thought leader and as an expert in what you’re trying to do.

While we’ve talked so far about posts, the social sharing feature inside of LinkedIn, I am now talking about the publisher platform. This is where you can actually blog on LinkedIn.

Now, one of the big time values of these is that these posts are then cataloged in your LinkedIn profile.

When someone goes to check you out, they can actually read some of the posts you’ve written and get a deeper feel for who you are, what you believe, how you speak.

A couple of things here, guys. Just like on a blog, the publisher platform formatting matters.

Do not create big, huge, enormous blocks of text without spacing.

Use images, add videos, add graphics.

Do the quotes.

Use bold, use italics, make them pretty to read so that people actually want to read them.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a great title and what looks like a wonderful piece of content shoved into big huge nine consecutive line blocks of text that just hurt my brain.

Don’t do that.

Do use the publisher platform, share it out everywhere, not just on LinkedIn and don’t just use it to repurpose blog content.

Think about creating content specifically for LinkedIn that’s specifically speaks to your niche and lives in that space.

That will help you drive more engagement to that particular posts. That will help you create more engagement with your profile in general and build your connections on LinkedIn.

10) LinkedIn Company Pages

You may be asking yourself,

“Ryan, what about company pages?”

I think company pages do have value.

I think company pages can really help grow your company if you’re willing to put in the work. It’s worth having a company page even if you’re not going to put in a ton of work, but truthfully, guys, don’t expect your company page to be an incredibly valuable resource on LinkedIn, unless you’re going to put time in it like you put in on your personal profile.

I think if I had to choose one or the other, I would rather each one of my staff members and myself, all of my producers, any other principals, anyone who was willing, build out their personal LinkedIn profiles as an employee of my agency or of my insurance business versus working hard on one company page.

You’re just going to get more reach.

People are more apt to connect with individuals on LinkedIn than brands and that’s where the power is.

Yes, company pages can have value, but I just think with limited resources and limited time, it’s more important to build out your personal profile.

11) LinkedIn Advertising

Two aspects of LinkedIn that I’m not huge on.

The first one is LinkedIn advertising and not because I think it’s poorly done.

You’ve got to be good at advertising to be good at LinkedIn advertiser because you’re going to spend money. You don’t get that low cost [1:36 inaudible] like you do with Facebook, and LinkedIn’s whole philosophy behind this is they think you’re getting higher quality leads. That may be true.

I haven’t done incredibly well on LinkedIn.

I’m going to spend more time on it as we try to build deeper connections into the insurance industry.

But on LinkedIn advertiser, you’re going to spend money, you’re going to burn money trying to figure out how to use it, and you’re never going to get the cost per thousand views that you would get on a Facebook.

Just remember that. I’m not saying don’t use it, I’m just saying, if you’re going to spend advertising dollars for most of you watching this today, I still think that Facebook is the way to go.

12) LinkedIn Groups

Last but not least, one of LinkedIn’s defining features early on, the LinkedIn groups just do not have the same power that they once had.

I don’t like some of the UX changes that they made to them.

I know there are some groups that are still powerful and still very active. You should be involved in those. But the old philosophy of just join groups and build connections is just not there. People don’t spend as much time.

As LinkedIn has developed a stronger and more engagement friendly LinkedIn feed – the social feed – I think people are just not going to groups and spending time there anymore.

LinkedIn, you have to be there. I gave you some of the basic tips.

I gave you six advanced tips. This is really important stuff.

I think LinkedIn is a must-use social platform.

It was one of my top four social platforms that I mentioned in an earlier video. It’s a place that you have to be. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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