15 Post Ideas to Improve Your Social Media-Part 2

Your social media presence can build stronger connections with your clients, put you on the radar of prospects and engage your community. But coming up with ideas for regular, engaging posts can be challenging and time consuming. Part one of this article shared the first seven post ideas to get you started. In part two, you’ll find eight more post ideas to help stimulate your creativity and demonstrate that coming up with great ideas for posts can actually be fun and engaging for you and your team. While some of these ideas require planning and a little time to execute, others can be done with minimal effort. Mix it up for best results! 

8. Behind-the-scenes video

A behind-the-scenes video is a fun way to give your followers a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the business.  These types of videos allow you to show off the culture and atmosphere of the office and offer a nice break from your more insurance-focused posts.

Do you do something special to celebrate team birthdays? Have a special morning coffee ritual? Staff members who love to decorate their desks (or their colleagues’ desks) for special occasions? Shoot a video and share it with your followers. Check out this behind-the-scenes video from Great Park Insurance highlighting a team birthday celebration:

“There has never been a time in history where you can capture so much attention…. for FREE! Social media is the new TV, Yellow Pages etc. For Great Park Insurance, it all starts with social media marketing.”

— Great Park Insurance

 9. Post third-party content

Rule #1 in social media: Don’t always post about yourself. Your followers are interested in you and your business, but they care about many things and they will lose their attention if you only post about your company. So, what else can you share? Valuable content from other companies or publications like Forbes, local newspapers, or your carrier(s).  

You can post articles, podcasts, or videos covering everything from health tips, life tips or insurance specific content. A good rule of thumb to have at least 50 percent of your content come from others.

10. Share listings from a local real estate agent

 If you’re like most agents, you have referral partners in the real estate/mortgage industry. Adding their listings to your social media content strengthens your relationships with them and shares trusted resources with your network. Your followers may reach out to you for a referral, and it helps you stay top of mind to cover their next home purchase.

 11. Pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos can be used to answer commonly asked questions, give timely advice, or provide information about how to handle a claim.

You can choose a specific topic, such as auto insurance, or invite your clients and prospects to suggest subjects they want information about. Check out this great video from JAG Insurance advising business owners on Business Income insurance and hurricanes.

Notice that you don’t need to record a long video. This one is less than a minute long but still provides useful advice.

12. Re-share a commercial client’s post

Re-sharing a commercial client’s post can help strengthen your relationship. It can also provide value to your network and get your agency in front of other potential commercial clients. Look for posts that you find interesting and think would be useful to others. Or share posts about your client’s achievements and add a note congratulating them on the accomplishment.

13. Showcase a local non-profit

If you are like many agencies, you already give back to your community. Displaying the impact you are making locally helps you connect with clients and prospects and provides additional support to causes you care about.

If local non-profits are part of your agency’s community involvement, you can snap a photo or two at their events and share it along with a link to the non-profit’s website, or simply post about the organization with a little information about why their mission is meaningful to you. You can take this a step further if you have a donation matching program by creating a series of posts to highlight the different organizations your team supports.

14. Highlight a community student or athlete

Many of your clients or followers likely have children who are making a difference in the community or leading local sports teams to victory. Highlighting their achievements engages your client and their network as well as others in your area who may not be aware of the student’s contributions.

To get suggestions, ask your network to recommend student leaders. Always make sure to get the parent’s permission before posting about a student.

15. Contact Info

You might think a post about your contact info isn’t all that engaging, and you’d be right, but it’s still valuable to share at specific times. (For example, when there are severe weather events that may lead to claims, such as fires, hurricanes, tornados, or snowstorms.) If you are aware of severe weather approaching the area, share a post that reminds your clients the easiest ways to contact you in the event something happens. Here’s an example from Portal Insurance.











Bonus: Offering advice for non-clients is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the community. 

Social media takes some planning and commitment, but, when done well, pays off by building stronger, more personal relationships with your clients, prospects and community.

Did you miss Part 1 of this article? Check out seven other media post ideas here.

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