15 Social Media Posts to Improve your Performance – Part 1

15  Social Media Posts to Improve Your Performance – Part 1

You probably have social media accounts and may even post to them regularly, but do your posts generate likes, shares, and comments? Do your customers look forward to seeing what you are going to say next on Facebook? And most importantly, is your social media presence helping you build relationships with your clients and engage future clients?

If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to these questions, you aren’t alone. Social media is a tough beast to master. This two-part article will help with a list of post ideas and examples from agents who are leading the way with their social media presence.

1. Employee profile or highlight

A great way to build relationships with clients is to connect with them on a personal level. Humans are social beings and we like other people. So, share photos and fun facts about your team to build connections with your customers and others who see your posts.

The personal connection is what sets independent agents apart, and this type of post reinforces this competitive advantage.

ECI Insurance does a great job highlighting one of their employee’s birthdays with this post.

“By highlighting our employees, it shows the customer that we value our employees and that they are real, everyday people.” – ECI Insurance

2. Share a client testimonial

Client testimonials are beneficial on a variety of levels. They improve staff morale by reaffirming their work matters. They improve loyalty because the action of providing positive feedback makes the customer feel even better about the service you provide. And, if you share the testimonial publicly and thank the client, you can both demonstrate appreciation and share what you do well with other clients and prospects.

You can even make custom templates to really make your testimonials pop through a helpful tool like Canva, plus it’s free(mium)!

Best practice: Only share testimonials from customers that have given you permission to share their name publicly.

3. Educational video

In the world of social media, video is quickly becoming king. In fact, according to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Insurance can be complex, but video is a terrific tool for simplifying topics in a concise, visual way. You can do a video on certain coverages, helpful tips, or answer commonly asked questions.

Don’t stress if you don’t have the equipment or space, all you need is a phone and helpful information; personality and humor help too! Here’s a great example from Hutsenpiller Insurance.

“An educated consumer is a better client, because you are subconsciously training them that price is not everything.” – CJ Hutsenpiller

4. Share a fact or statistic

People have short attention spans so shorter posts tend to perform better than long paragraphs. A fact or statistic is a great way to educate and inform your clients on a particular insurance topic or coverage. You can do this through an image or even just a plain text-based post. These are quick, straightforward and easily digestible.

Here’s an example: Most people aren’t aware their homeowners policy doesn’t cover flood damage, so what better way to educate them then through a statistic on flood damage? This might even lead to a cross-sale opportunity.

5. Pets, pets and more pets

From cuddly kittens to playful pups to sunbathing iguanas, people love their pets. And they seem to love seeing cute and funny photos and videos of other peoples’ pets nearly as much. You can capitalize on this love of pets by sharing photos of your and your employees’ pets. You can then ask your followers to share photos of their pets in return.

Want to take this one step further? Create a calendar and feature an employee’s pet for each month and send that out as a thank you for any referrals that are made.

6. Run a contest

Holding a contest is a great way to engage your followers and have some fun in the process. One great example is to hold a contest for a date night package, that includes movie tickets and a gift card to a local restaurant.

Encourage your followers to tag and mention their significant others to increase their chances of winning. As an additional benefit, you could have the restaurant share the post as well to increase the amount of people it reaches.

7. Share your blog

You may already be posting a link to your blog when a new post goes live, but are you getting as much engagement from it as you could be? Here’s an idea. The week before a new blog post goes live, post about the topic to tease the blog and increase interest. If the blog post is “10 questions to ask before purchasing a homeowners policy,” you could post one of the questions to get your network’s attention. A few weeks after the post goes live, don’t be afraid to share the link again. Chances are many of your followers didn’t see it the first time.

Take smaller pieces of the blog such as images, statistics, quotes, or video and share them separately. You likely spent a good amount of time on the content, and it will still be valuable long after the blog is published. Below is an example of how Paradiso Insurance shares their blogs through social media.

“Social media is a part of our renewal strategy, so it plays a huge role in keeping in front of them along with providing a tremendous amount of data that we use to improve
our customer experience.” – Chris Paradiso

Looking for more social media post ideas? Check out part two of this article with post ideas 8-15 on November 8.

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