25 Insurance Resources Every Independent Agent Should Subscribe To

by | Jan 24, 2017


Struggling to find high-quality insurance resources focused on helping the independent agent grow their business?

Well, look no further. Today we share 25 insurance resources that every independent agent should consider subscribing to.

The kicker, they’re all free (or have valuable free sections).

Specifically, this list of 25 insurance resources highlights insurance blogs, news outlets, newsletters and podcasts.

In an effort to capture the landscape of potential needs and interests for an independent agent, we’ve pulled from a wide variety of content creators.

It was our goal to share a little bit of everything and let you decide which resources were the most helpful.

Here they are, in no particular order, 25 insurance resources every independent agent should subscribe to:

Insurance Blogs

  • The GROW Program – dedicated to helping independent insurance agents GROW their agency through digital sales and marketing advice.
  • Brent Kelly – insurance producer and thought-leader Brent Kelly shares his insurance sales experience and expertise in one of the most well thought out individual insurance sales blogs on the Internet.
  • Insurance Goddess – Insurance agency owner, Carrie Reynolds, shares her unique perspective on personal branding in the insurance industry.
  • Paradiso Presents – Chris Paradiso, owner of the Paradiso Insurance, provides first-hand experience and advice to insurance agencies looking to harness the power of social media marketing.
  • Aartrijk – Peter Van Aartrijk and his entire team at Aartrijk set the insurance industry standard for agency brand building.
  • Steve Anderson – Steve Anderson, insurance technology thought-leader, continues to move the conversation forward on the most pressing technology issues facing our industry.
  • Advisor Evolved – Insurance producer turned web designer, Chris Langille, pumps out some of the finest WordPress insurance websites the industry has ever seen.
  • Agency Revolution – Michael Jans isn’t just an insurance marketing thought-leader, but also the founder of the insurance industry’s premier marketing automation software.
  • Insurance Thought Leadership – The team at Insurance Thought Leadership brings together some of the brightest minds in the insurance industry and convinces them to share their expertise.
  • Insurance Splash – Insurance marketing ideas, tools, strategies and training to help agents worldwide survive and thrive!
  • Agency Checklists – Whether you live in Massachusetts or not, Agency Checklists delivers insightful content on what’s happening in insurance today.
  • Insurance Commentary – Run by the legendary Bill Wilson, insurance commentary is a thought provoking, must read for all insurance nerds.
  • ITC Marketing Blog – With over a decade of experience building out independent agency digital marketing platforms, the ITC marketing blog is a must read resource.

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Insurance News Resources

  • PropertyCasulty360 – PropertyCasualty360.com is where buyers and sellers have access to breaking insurance news, industry research, compliance and legal updates, training and education, technology developments, data and trends, and more.
  • Insurance Journal – A juggernaut in the insurance news and information space, Insurance Journal should be considered a must-subscribe resource for all insurance professionals.
  • Rough Notes – Though Rough Notes does not provide any type of digital information resources, there is a print magazine which continues to provide world-class insurance industry thought-leadership for more than 100 years.
  • Agents Council for Technology – ACT’s mission is to bring the stakeholders in the independent insurance agency distribution system together to advance the use of the most effective business processes, practices and technologies, in order to enhance productivity, service, marketing, sales and security. A key focus for ACT is to keep informed on the strategic trends that will drive future consumer expectations and business opportunities.?
  • Independent Agent Magazine – IA Magazine is the authoritative source of information for professionals who sell insurance for independent agencies. It gives independent insurance agents access to the critical trends, analysis and tools they need to sell efficiently and effectively.
  • Insurance Business America – Insurance Business provides a unique offering in the insurance space as an aspirational business magazine featuring a series of industry reports that recognise the achievements of key individuals and businesses, as well as providing the latest in business best practice in a continually evolving industry.
  • LifeHappens.org – Life Happens’ mission is to inspire the public to take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.

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InsurTech News

  • The Coverager – Easily one of my favorite insurance newsletters, Shefi Ben-Hutta and her team deliver timely news and resources on the world of insurance technology almost every day. <– MUST SUBSCRIBE
  • CB Insight Insurance Tech – CB Insights sits on the pulse of insurtech. If you want to know what is going on in the world of insurtech and digital insurance disruption there is no better newsletter than CB Insights Insurance Tech.
  • Insurtech News – Insurtech News delivers updates, interviews and news on what’s happening in insurtech from around the globe.

Insurance Podcasts

  • On Point – Insurance Journal – On Point, with Peter Van Aartrijk and Rick Morgan, contains conversations with interesting and informative industry exports on technology, branding, social media and other great topics.
  • Agents Influence – Every week, Jason Cass interviews movers and shakers inside the independent insurance industry and shares their stories on his podcast.
  • Sell Term Life – Jeff Root, agency owner, shares the sales and marketing advice that helps him crush it in the life insurance business.
  • Content Warfare Podcast – Every week, we interview the Internet’s most prolific content creators and extract their secrets for winning the battle for attention online.
  • Agency Nation Radio – Every week Marty Agather and Ryan Hanley dissect the latest news and trends impacting the independent agency channel. We touch on everything from marketing, to sales, to operations, to insurtech and specifically how independent agents can harness these trends to grow their insurance business.
  • BizzGrowl – Insurance leadership coach, Brent Kelly, share daily thoughts and inspiration in short audio snippets.

The Rub

This is by no means an all inclusive list of resources.

If we missed a resource, please share in the comments below and give a little description of why that resource should be included, and we’ll do our best to routinely update the list.

Who would you add?

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