3 SEO Mistakes Agents Should Avoid

Organic traffic is often more valuable than traffic from paid search. People coming to your site organically found it because your page ranks well in Google. They stayed because the content you offered was valuable and answered their questions. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can get more visitors to your site without paying for ads. To be successful, avoid choosing quantity over quality, ignoring off-page SEO, and failing to evaluate your strategy. 

Choosing quantity over quality content

When you’re competing with sites with copious amounts of pages that rank well across a variety of topics, it’s tempting to crank out a lot of content quickly. Resist this temptation, especially if it compromises the quality of what you produce. 

Your content will do better if it’s high quality and offers real value to readers. Understand who your target audience is, what their questions are, and how they prefer to consume content. 

Create an audience persona to help you identify the interests, needs, and problems your target audience is facing. Use your personal experience as an agent to help you create this persona. 

Once you have a clear picture of who your audience is and what they need, it’ll be easy to identify keywords to target and craft meaningful content. 

As you create your content, ensure that it is comprehensive and user-friendly. If an article is long, use anchor links, short paragraphs, and clear headings so that readers aren’t intimidated.

You can also create downloadable insurance guides to help your audience understand the purchase process. Life insurance is full of jargon and unfamiliar processes, so these guides can help readers become comfortable as they make a purchase decision. 

Break up written content with infographics or videos to make the information easier for your audience to access. These additional content forms make information more accessible to your audience. 

If your audience resonates the most with video, you may want to spend more time developing your YouTube channel for SEO than on content for Google. 

Zeroing in on what your target audience needs and wants to improve the quality of your content will help you establish trust, expertise, and authority from Google. 

Ignoring off-page SEO

You may find it’s much easier to do on-page SEO than off-page SEO. You have more control over your site, which makes it easy to implement changes and be successful. 

Off-page SEO requires working with other sites, so you have less control over the outcomes. As you look at off-page SEO factors like backlinks and brand mentions, choose quality over quantity. 

Pay attention to the links coming to your site. Are they from respected websites or are they spammy? Conduct a regular audit to identify bad backlinks and disavow them. Bad backlinks can hurt you in the long run, so a regular disavow can help protect your sites performance. 

Find ways to be proactive with link building. Work with finance bloggers and writers by sharing your industry insight. Signing up to HARO, networking on LinkedIn, or networking with journalists will also further build your reputation as an expert. 

While Google has started to discourage guest posting for link building, it’s a tactic some still use. Guest posting will also help you establish your expertise and grow your audience, which will benefit you even if you don’t always have links in your guest posts.

Pay attention to your brand reputation. How often is your brand mentioned? Are review sites gathering customer reviews? What do customer reviews say?

Ask your current clients to share their experiences so you can share them on your website or use a third-party service to proactively establish your brand reputation. 

Failing to evaluate your strategy

Investing time and effort into your SEO strategy isn’t effective unless you can measure the results. Create clear objectives and success measurements so you can understand how beneficial your efforts are. 

Track things like rank, brand mentions, link quantity, link quality (relevance and domain ratings), organic traffic, and the conversion rates on your pages. Seeing improvement or decreases in these numbers will help you gauge where to focus your efforts next and what strategies to change. 

Focusing on delivering quality content centered on your target audience, working on off-page SEO, and regularly evaluating your strategy will help you compete well, gain more organic traffic, and grow your business. 

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