3 Ways to Become a Person of Interest and Increase Your Revenue in 30 Days

I want you to imagine something for a few minutes. I know you’re busy but you’re busy trying to create results, am I right?

I believe nothing happens without being seen in the mind first. So, spend about two minutes in visualization with me and I’ll get you closer to those results, I promise. I’m a SUPER COACH, it’s what I was born to do.

Here we go:

  • Imagine your schedule fully booked with high paying clients.
  • Imagine your phone ringing off the hook.
  • Imagine having excess at the end of every month.
  • Imagine the SWAG and CONFIDENCE that comes from being in high demand.

That vision, my friend, is that of a PERSON OF INTEREST.

  • A “POI” has qualified leads beating their door down.
  • A “POI” gets invited to the best podcast.
  • A “POI” has friends with private jets, big stages, and even those who have been on OPRAH…

So, how do you go from baby star to big star? How do YOU become a Person of Interest?

There are three things you must do first:

  1. Create a belief statement. You must BELIEVE that STATUS sells. You must commit to releasing the need to CHASE business. If someone doesn’t want you, someone else will. Write yourself a belief statement: I, (NAME), believe I deserve business for my skill of (FILL IN), the right business chases me as I’m committed to building my PERSON OF INTEREST STATUS EVERY DAY.
  2. Create an exposure plan to increase your attention. Figure out what makes you UNIQUE and SPECIAL. And go on tour. What podcasts need to hear from you? What guest blog places want to hear from you? What ads can you make? What elbows can you rub?
  3. INVEST in yourself to raise your status. Do you need new suits? Do you need a confidence boost? Do you need a Coach? (Spoiler: EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH IN LIFE!) What will make you feel like a BIG STAR?

Once you’ve done these three things, commit to reading your belief statement and visualizing yourself at the HIGHEST level prior to taking action every single morning. ACTIVATE your purpose and walk in faith, you are worthy of becoming a PERSON OF INTEREST, and your business, family, and community will flourish because of you. I guarantee it.

For a free copy of my book, PERSON OF INTEREST, where I dive deeper into this topic, click here.



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