30 Questions You Need To Ask if You Are in Sales

30 Questions to Ask if You are in Sales

How do you challenge a sales team to keep moving forward when the world stops for a pandemic? Forget the pandemic for a moment and recognize there is always going to be ups and downs in the life of a sales team.  Some of these ups and downs feel like mountains while others are small hills to climb.  Just like athletes in training, sales teams cannot stop training during the off season.  The consistency behind the scenes is often where the game is won. Yes, the pandemic might be the biggest “off-season” of all time, but it has taught us some strategy and has forced us to get creative.  These 30 questions could be asked by a person that is new to sales or may have been selling for years.

Get Organized

  • Have I ever missed a sale or disappointed a prospect because I simply was not organized with my efforts? If so, then it is the perfect time to get organized so it will not happen again.
  • When is the last time I cleaned up my digital space? Start by looking at your desktop, Word documents, Power Points and all things digital. Take inventory of what is relevant and can be easily found.
  • What questions are customers asking me now? Make a list of these questions and start writing blog posts that will allow you to share the answer more than once.
  • Do I have any e-mail signatures created in advance to allow me to respond quick to questions that come up repeatedly?
  • Is accessing websites easy or frustrating for me because I have not kept my passwords organized?
  • Do I have a time blocking system? Time blocking works during challenging times as well as easy times.
  • What is in my inbox right now today? Find a system that works for you to keep it clean.
  • What if I rearrange my workspace? Maybe some simple changes can drastically improve efficiency.

Get Customer Focused

  • When is the last time I thought about customer experience?
  • Do I have a checklist of questions when I start working with a new client?
  • Could I review my list of customers and give someone a quick hello and thank you? This one is especially true for pandemic times.  Humans need humans.
  • Could I share a technology tip with a business client that works for me? (For example, the Slack app helps me stay in touch with my team.)

Get Knowledgeable         

  • Do I need continuing education hours to renew my license? Go ahead and knock those hours out and avoid last minute stress.
  • Do I know the tools that are available on the company websites that my agency represents? Resources for helping clients and marketing tools and ideas are created by the companies just for your use. Do not miss the opportunity to advantage of the free resources.
  • Do I know the endorsements that each company offers to customize my client policies? Become a research specialist. Start a group discussion with your teammates to share knowledge and ideas.

Get Social with Social Media

  • Is my LinkedIn profile a true reflection of who I am and how I can HELP others by providing solutions?
  • Can I set aside some time to find articles that I can save and use to help others on social media? Look for articles that might help clients in a specific industry that you service.
  • Is my bio on my company website out of date? Ask for help from the best writer in your organization to make certain your bio is positively you.
  • What is my goal for writing blog posts? Schedule time on your calendar for this activity and make it consistent.
  • Do I have a plan for sharing, giving, and connecting with my referral partners?

Perfect Time for Personal Growth

  • When is the last time I said, “What if?” Go ahead and start asking this question once a day.
  • Could I find a mentor or become a mentor?
  • What is this thing called EQ? Find the time to read about and then practice your Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • Is there a book that someone shared that could help me improve my sales skills? Order it right away.
  • Do I really have a time blocking system? This is a repeat question. Get started.
  • How does my pipeline of potential customers look? After all you are in the sales business.

Team Up with My Team

  • When is the last time I have told a teammate THANK YOU and really shared the details on how much it helps me to have them on my team?
  • When have I asked my teammates for a brainstorming session to talk about how we could streamline a process to make things more efficient?
  • When I learn something new, do I share with my team? Don’t be a knowledge hoarder. Sharing what you know is an instant boost to team spirit.

Now that you have asked the 30 questions and are beginning to form a game plan, please consider this one additional question:  Did I remember that everyone is in this together? Keep thinking positive thoughts, keep working on you and keep asking for help.  No matter the season, no matter high the mountain or how the climb, keep going.  Happy Selling everyone!

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