4 Marketing Trends That Will Help Your Insurance Agency Grow in 2021

We can all admit that 2020 has been a tsunami of craziness. The pandemic caused every business, even insurance agencies, to shift and adapt quickly. As 2020 comes to an end, there are budding marketing trends that will secure far more likely success than continuing to think marketing remained the same as it did pre-pandemic. 

Here are four marketing trends that will help your insurance agency grow in 2021:

Video Marketing (Including Live Video)

Video is one of the most successful marketing methods for reaching and engaging with your audience. In a social media world based on scrolling, a user’s eyes are more likely to stop for a video than they are for written content. This can be beneficial for you in that you can communicate with your clients, both current and potential, on a human level without having to see them face-to-face.

There are many different options in which you can utilize video marketing. A couple that have been gaining extra momentum over the last year or so are live videos (such as using Facebook or Instagram to stream a live video to your followers and them a notification on their phone to watch) and creating advertisements to play before or during YouTube and other social media videos. 

Video streaming apps (even those connected to Facebook and Instagram) have gained an extraordinary amount of momentum. The ads that viewers are expected to watch to reach their target entertainment content are a GIANT way of connecting, but you need to be strategic. Create videos that are engaging, ask questions, and even entertain, so that a viewer will be likely to click on your ad instead of continuing to their video. 

Nostalgia Marketing

Marketing experts used to tell businesses to always stay on the newest trends, but now the most recent marketing trend is nostalgia marketing, which serves to remind an audience about previous ideas or memories that they may have forgotten. 

How does nostalgia marketing work? 

By recapturing those memories your audience may have forgotten, brands are able to play with budding emotions to their advantage. You could use a song from your target market’s childhood, a drink or toy they used to play with, or even a celebrity that was once forgotten and brought back in front of the camera.

It’s important not to go overboard, however. You don’t want your marketing to seem like your agency has failed to evolve. How can insurance be relatable to a cherished memory from your past? That’s what you need to think about.

Sharing Your Brand Purpose

Your audience no longer wants the easiest and cheapest products. You could be selling the best-priced insurance package in the world, but many will stay devoted to a pricier brand just because they have that trusted relationship. You can begin to build that trust by sharing your brand’s purpose and vision with the public. 

Create content and other marketing with your purpose at the center and make sure every single member of your team knows what your purpose is so that they can work by it as well. By being honest and upfront, as well as offering a service that aligns with your purpose and goals, potential clients are more likely to engage and want to do business with you. 

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing isn’t just about being human with your audience. And it isn’t just about talking to your website visitors (although having a blog such as this one can help). It’s actually the use of an automated chatbot that asks simple questions that ignite a conversation with your visitors and promote them to share their reason for visiting and even to purchase from your brand. 

You’ve probably seen conversational marketing already. You visit a website that then asks you if they can help. From there, the chat screen will ask questions based on your answers until it can offer up a suggestion, such as reaching out to a live agent, to answer your questions. Even large corporate companies like Verizon will use these to try to best offer services to potential clients. 


This is definitely not an exhaustive list of the marketing trends that can help build your insurance agency into 2021. Having a more online approach to communicating with customers has increased the likelihood of success for any digital marketing technique. 

Focus on staying authentic and informative, and connect with your audience. If you can talk to them in real-time, even if it’s just through comments on social media, and offer an exceptional customer experience once your marketing leads them to you, you’ll continue to grow your agency far beyond 2021. 

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