4 SEO Strategies Agents Should Implement Now

If you’re an agency, it’s important to have a website and take advantage of the digital space. You can leverage it to grow your business and attract more clients. Use it to establish trust and make yourself easy to find on search engines. 

That’s where SEO comes in. Here are four strategies you should implement now whether you’re just starting or have had a site for several years. 

Determine priorities

If you’re just starting out with your website and working on SEO, you need to understand how your site is going to help you grow and achieve your business goals.

Start by reviewing what type of life insurance has most interest from clients and the policies you sell. Use this information to prioritize the content you write. If term policies have the greatest interest, start with content about term life insurance.

If you already have a good online presence established, look through your content and figure out what pages and topics are performing the best. Determine top performance by tracking organic traffic, conversions, or both depending on your goals. Once you’ve identified these pages, the next step is to bolster them with the other strategies covered here.

Are gaps between your top performing content and your goals? If there are any discrepancies, prioritize bolstering poor performing content that is more aligned with your goals. 

Clear priorities are the foundation of your overall SEO strategy. 

Keyword Research 

As a life insurance agent, you answer client questions all day. You know what your clients’ questions and concerns are. Use that to your advantage when deciding what topics to cover. 

Do keyword research using tools like ahrefs or check Google’s related searches and its autocomplete to understand common questions. Use Google Trends to see how search traffic around topics changes throughout the year. It will also show you rising topics that you can get a jump on before they become more common and more competitive. 

Pay attention to search volume and user intent. Sure, “what is life insurance” has a 6,400 search volume, but it may not be a valuable topic to you because it doesn’t show buyer’s intent. In contrast, “what’s the best life insurance” has a tenth of the search volume, but shows some buyer’s intent. 

If one of your goals is selling term life insurance policies, you’ll want to spend more time targeting these keywords even if the search volume is lower. Afterall, these keywords are more valuable to you. 

Standout Content 

Once you have a list of target keywords, the next step is to create standout content covering these topics.

Here’s the trouble: Your target keywords are just as valuable to your competitors. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? 

I’m not going to answer this question because it’s an important one to explore on your own. As you determine how to make your content distinct from and better than your competitors’, consider these questions: 

  • How have others addressed these topics?
  • How does my perspective differ from what’s already available?
  • What makes my agency different?
  • What additional value, data, or research can I offer?
  • Can I create helpful graphics?

Thinking through these questions will help you create content that answers potential client questions, stays true to your voice, and helps you grow. 

Link Building 

Links are votes or recommendations for your site. They are one of the trickier aspects of SEO, so many people have tried to create shortcuts. The shortcuts will not pay off. You don’t want to deal with a manual penalty from Google, trust me. 

Here are three ways you can build backlinks and establish yourself as an expert:

  1. Connect with writers and journalists who write about the life insurance industry. You can do this by networking on LinkedIn or signing up for the Help A Reporter (HARO) email list to respond to questions and connect that way.
  2. Look for guest posting opportunities. Many sites are happy to publish free, high quality content written by an expert in the field. Since your focus is life insurance, you can look at life insurance, finance, and even blogs that target specific age demographics.
  3. Share your standout content with your contacts and others, especially when you publish something unique and valuable. Writers and journalists may want to reference your work in theirs, which will help you get links.

Setting clear priorities, researching keywords, creating standout content, and building links will help you find more clients, establish expertise, and build trust.

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