5 Essential Elements Every Landing Page Needs

This is the first place to start and the five things you need to build a landing page that converts leads that drives sales for your agency.
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The Basic Structure

A landing page is very different from all the other pages on your site.

First and foremost, they are in some ways, the most important pages on your site. Second, they also look and feel very different from the rest of the site as well.

What needs to look and feel different?

1. No Navigation

A visitor that gets to your landing page should only be able to take one of two actions, complete the form or go back.

2. Laser Focus Feel

There shouldn’t even be a hint of anything other than achieving the objective this page was made for. Every word is carefully picked and position scrutinized.

1. What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

The first thing you need to do is effectively and efficiently convey the reason the visitor needs to take action on this page.

In general, it’s because what you’re offering is going to help them better under how to make an important insurance decision.

You can break this proposition down into four parts on your landing page.

The Main Headline
The Supporting Headline
The Reinforcement Statement
The Closing Argument

2. The Image or Video

This is your chance to present your case in the best possible way.

Sure a nice picture could work here, but let’s be honest a focused video is way more effective.

Simply explain the process that’s about to happen, what they’re getting in the offer and what’s going to come next.

Seeing you living and breathing is a really easy way to gain a whole lot more trust.

3. The Benefits

This is a great chance to list a bunch of fancy sounding things that will make your visitor’s life better.

Something like this list of what landing pages will do for your agency’s website.

Dramatically Increase Monthly Prospects
Close More Sales
Rescue cats from trees

4. Social Proof

People like to do what other people have done. Sorry, but it’s human nature.

This is your chance to show new people what other people have already said about you.

This could be something as simple as including a few screenshots of your best Google reviews.

Or leveraging that one time a major publication paid attention to you.

5. Conversion Goal

The bottom line is you only want to ask them to do one thing, which is normally to complete a form to receive a content offer.

That content offer will be delivered in exchange for an amount of contact information of your choosing.

Which will more than likely allow you to continue communicating with them beyond their initial interaction on the landing page.

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