5 Resources on Agency Nation to Grow Your Insurance Business

by | Sep 8, 2015

How to Use Agency Nation to Grow Your Insurance Business

“What is Agency Nation?”

This is a common question we get from insurance professionals in all aspects of the business, (principals, agents, marketers, carrier reps, etc), from all around the country.

The idea that an organization inside the insurance industry would give away so much valuable content for free seems to create skepticism.

It’s almost as if people are waiting for the catch.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the story is boring.

There is no catch.

At its core, Agency Nation is a tool.

This digital marketing tool contains resources such as:

Every piece of content produced by Agency Nation contributors is created with the sole purpose of helping insurance agents grow their business.

In partnership with TrustedChoice.com (the leading referral generation platform for independent agents), Agency Nation seeks to help insurance professionals build their own inbound referral engine.

Drive digital visibility

At Agency Nation we help you to attract warm, inbound referrals from the target personal and commercial lines insurance buyers we WANT to write.

TrustedChoice.com is one tool to attract these types of referrals.

Watch this short video to better understand the idea of “Referrals Not Leads.”

Build Your Own Inbound Referral Engine

In order to be successful in the digital age we must have multiple tools in our toolbelt for attracting, influencing, capturing and retaining profitable new business.

If you want to increase the number of inbound referrals your agency receives a clean, effective website and digital presence is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to doing business.

Here’s an episode of Insurance Marketing Live which explains the “Why” of digital marketing for independent agents:

Digital marketing is a growth tool.

Your business can survive, for a long time, without ever adopting digital marketing. But if you want to grow, if you want to thrive, than there is an entire generation, the Connect Generation, who is researching your agency right now.

And if you don’t convince them your agency is the solution, before they ever contact you, than you’ll even get the opportunity.

This is called the Zero Moment of Truth.

The resources here on Agency Nation will help you capture the Connected Generation.

5 Resources to Grow Your Insurance Business

1) The Complete Guide to Local SEO for Insurance Agents

The Complete Guide to Local SEO for Insurance Agents is a 6,000 plus word, step-by-step guide book to ranking your agency website in local search (Click here to get your copy – It’s free!).

2) TrustedChoice.com Advantage Profile Articles

The TrustedChoice.com Advantage Profile Articles provide independent agents with detailed information on how to optimize their Advantage Profile in order to receive more of the new business insurance referrals they WANT to write.

3) Industry Expert Interviews

Want to know how the very best independent insurance professionals handle their business? Watch any of our Industry Expert Interviews and you’ll get insights in how they succeed.

4) Agency Nation Radio

Want to learn about insurance digital marketing on the go? Check our podcast, Agency Nation Radio, and take the latest insights into insurance digital marketing success wherever you want. You can also subscribe on to Agency Nation Radio on iTunes.

5) Agency Nation University

Want to lean in to digital marketing but don’t know how to start? University membership gives you exclusive access to the courses, community and collaborators you need tocrush it.

And don’t forget to connect with Agency Nation on social media:


The Appetite Engine: Dialing In Referrals

The digital marketing game is won or lost by our ability to attract the RIGHT insurance buyer.

This is true in personal lines and even more true for attracting new commercial lines referrals.

At TrustedChoice.com we call our commercial referral algorithm, The Appetite Engine.

We’ve recently released this video which explains the details behind our new referral connection algorithm.

Not yet a TrustedChoice.com Advantage Subscriber? Click here to learn more about the Advantage Profile.

The payoff

Agency Nation is a tool.

We welcome you to use Agency Nation to grow your insurance business.

Please click around and get full sense for the site.

If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below.

If you’d like to contribute to Agency Nation as an author, click here to write for us.

Thank you and good luck!

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