5 Tasks Every Insurance Agency Should OUTSOURCE!

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Walk into any insurance agent’s office and that’s what you’ll hear.

The sequential click-clacking of copious keystrokes.

In talking to an East Coast agency owner a few weeks ago, he dropped this:

“It’s ridiculous. The amount of keystrokes it takes to get something done in our AMS. It’s too much. Just too much!”

Look, I’m not here to preach to the choir.

You get it. I get it. We all get it.

Conventional insurance technology is often inefficient.

My big question is this….

What are independent agents DOING about technology problems???

Are they resigning to their current environment?

Or…..are they getting creative?

There are always some in both camps – and a few somewhere in the middle.

But Andy Preisman is one of those “get creative and figure it out” types.

How Outsourcing Boosts Efficiency

Andy Priesman owns Greenway Insurance, an agency with locations in Texas, Florida AND California.

A few years ago Andy said: “enough.”

He was tired of his account managers being strapped to monotonous, time-consuming tasks, when he felt they should be focused on Wow-ing their clients.

So, he decided to try outsourcing some of these tasks to Virtual Assistants.

As with all new experiments, there were hiccups.

He had to figure out how to efficiently communicate what tasks he wanted outsourced and how the VAs should complete them – through pre-recorded video tutorials.

He had to figure out how to keep all of his data secure – by using technology to track every keystroke taken in real-time and to boot any suspicious user activity from his system immediately.

He had to figure out how to keep his VAs up to date on business shifts and updates in process – by assimilating them into the agency culture in weekly team meetings.

Fast-forward to today and Andy has a well-oiled machine that…

….keeps his service center costs low.

….allows his full-time team members to focus on intensifying the client relationship.

…..runs relatively hands-off.

Before I spill on my incredible interview with Andy, where he shared with me the 5 tasks every agency should consider outsourcing, here’s what YOU think about outsourcing.

Last week, I polled our Instagram story viewers.

I asked 2 simple questions.

The First: are you considering outsourcing/virtual assistants in 2019?

53% of the 214 said YES!

47% said NO.

The Second: if you said YES, what are some tasks you want to outsource?

Here are just some of the responses….

  • Renewal quoting
  • Personal lines quotes
  • Double entry data between qq and Infusionsoft
  • Telemarketing
  • Audit processing
  • Policy checking
  • Direct bill renewal
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Lead data entry
  • Management system work

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More independent agents than not want to use virtual assistants for highly-repetitive tasks.

Think about it.

Quoting, double data entry, policy checking, lead data entry….those annoying tasks that leave you feeling “ugh.”

Like coffee has literally become life-support because life itself has gone 0 dark 30.

Highly-repetitive tasks.

The 5 Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing

Now let’s see what Andy recommends.

      1. New Business Calls

“Our VAs handle the majority of the new business intake calls from our direct marketing program. They gather all the necessary information for our Agents to quote the new business.”

       2. Pending Notices of Cancellation

“They provide support with pending notices of cancellation. They not only stay on top of retrieving the notices but they call and/or email our clients as a reminder to make sure payment is made. They are vital to our retention.

       3. Remarket Quotes

“We have a team that assists us in generating remarket quotes. This allows us a 24hr or less turnaround time on a large volume of remarkets.”

       4. Policy Changes

“Our Account Managers discuss changes/coverage with our insureds and submit the change information to our VAs. Our VAs then performs the data entry for the change, emails communication (change summary and ID card) to the insured and follows up to make sure the change is applied correctly and the download received. This allows our Account Managers to focus more attention on remarkets/retention and cross-selling.”

      5. Back-End Support

“Our VAs also assist with additional back-end support that includes running reports, sending out applications through DocuSign, auditing our files for compliance and a variety of other items that are too numerous to mention.”

Why Andy’s Solution Is One Of The Best

Here’s why Andy’s outsourcing solution is one of the best out there:

Any direct client communication is always in the hands of his full-time team members.

THOSE are where you make the Wow moments happen.

But the tasks created after or before that direct communication? All handled by his Virtual Assistants.


And Andy is only one of many independent agents who are taking industry evolution into their own hands.

They’re not waiting for their environment to change.

They’re changing it.

If you want the full deep dive on this outsourcing solution, see Andy at Elevate 2019!

Get your ticket here: https://www.elevateconference.com/.

Keep crushin.


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