Did you know that 71% of all Internet leads are wasted?

Businesses work hard to attract the attention of potential clients and customers only to have those leads lost or mismanaged after being captured (last week we described the different between Internet insurance leads versus online referrals).

It’s almost unbelievable.

The reality is that managing lead workflow takes focus, consistency and persistence.

At TrustedChoice.com, we’re often asked by Advantage Subscribers, “How do I handle the inbound online referrals I receive?”

How to Handle Online Referrals

Below are our recommendations for the best process to properly handle your inbound online referrals, and make the most of each one:

1) Educate your entire staff

Talk to you staff about what TrustedChoice.com is and why you’ve decided to subscribe. Be sure each staff member is clear on the value and importance of responding to referrals in a timely fashion.

2) Create a priority tree

Prioritize staff members receiving inbound online referral phone calls from TrustedChoice.com to who is supposed to handle these calls. From studying over 57,000 referrals generated for independent insurance agencies since 2014, we’ve found that inbound online referrals sent to voicemail (or worse, a phone tree) have a significantly lower conversion rate than calls handled immediately by a human being.

3) Regularly check the inbox

Have staff regularly check the inbox where online referral emails are being sent. These emails will have the subject line, “You have a new prospect from TrustedChoice.com” and will come from the email address support@trustedchoice.com. These emails contain contact information and other vital stats such as what line of business the referral is looking for.

4) Respect the referral’s preferred contact method

Some choose email, while some choose a phone call. It is often best to reach out using all available methods of communication to ensure a higher contact rate. Just because they didn’t provide their contact email address doesn’t mean you should write them off–they might be concerned about receiving spam.

5) Cross-sell, cross-sell, cross-sell!

Just because your new inbound referral has requested a quote for auto insurance doesn’t mean they don’t have a need for a home, boat, or umbrella policy as well.

6) Verify staff received online referral

Verify that every inbound referral source is being tracked and reported to management. We’ve found time and again that agency management is unaware of the TrustedChoice.com inbound online referrals that their agency is receiving.


This simple 6 step workflow will help you and your staff maximize every new online referral opportunity which comes your way. In turn, this will help grow your business and your reputation in the community.

Don’t assume your staff is prepared to handline inbound online referrals.

TrustedChoice.com is a completely new referral source for your staff to manage. Take a few a minutes to sit down with relevant staff and discuss the outline above. Help them become comfortable with online referrals.

This will ensure your maximizing the benefit TrustedChoice.com provides to your agency.

Happy Selling!

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