Elevate 2017 is going to be a dynamic conference.

As Brent Kelly, one of our fantastic speakers recently explained on LinkedIn,

“We’re not putting on an event, we’re creating an experience.”

That being the case, there are some important things we believe will help you decide to attend Elevate 2017.

1) The Price Goes Up April 5th

Bad news first…

Our current pricing is set at $550 for Big I Members and $675 for General Attendees. This pricing basically covers our cost for food at the event.

Our goal has always been to run Elevate at breakeven.

I’d be pumped if we sold out tickets at the current price and didn’t make a dollar.

However, in complete transparency, the closer we get to June 4th, the less accurately we can estimate attendance and the more risk we take on.

So, on April 5th, the ticket price will go up to $650 for Big Members and $775 for General Attendees. That is an increase of $100 for a ticket.

Don’t wait and pay an extra $100.

I don’t want the extra $100, I want YOU at Elevate getting your insurance marketing mind blown!

Get your ticket today!

2) Milwaukee is Awesome

We’ve received a lot of questions about our city choice of Milwaukee, WI.

It’s not that people were hating on Milwaukee, (they really weren’t), I think most just thought it was an interesting choice.

Well, Milwaukee is an interesting choice and here is why:


Told is in the infamous, Sydney Roe style…

3) We’ve added the Chief Marketing Officer of Travelers Insurance to the Speaker Roster

Yes, that’s right, Jay Gauthier, the CMO of Personal Lines for Travelers Insurance will be keynoting Day 2.

Jay’s keynote will be focused on how independent agents can “Intercept Consumer Moments” using technology to add value and increase trust.


Seriously, when I first heard him say, “intercept consumer moments” while were discussing his session I almost jumped through the phone.

Jay’s session is going to be DYNO-mite!

Don’t miss it…

Get your ticket today!

4) TechCanary is Hosting FREE Event Closing Party

I’m sure many of you will get out of town on Tuesday night. Conferences are taxing and no one likes being away from their family.

tech canaryBut for those that are sticking around Milwaukee Tuesday night, Reid Holzworth, the CEO of Tech Canary, which is also based in Milwaukee, has offered to host the Elevate Closing Party.

We’ll be gathering at a local watering hole, (specific location yet to be determined), at 800pm for drinks and laughs as we wind down from days of conferencing.

We’re very appreciative of Tech Canary for their support of Elevate 2017.

5) Peter van Aartrijk Hosts Branding Your Business in a Millennial World

We’ve decided to partner with the infamous, Peter Van Aartrijk, founder of Brand Camp, to put on a pre-event workshop-style seminar titled, Branding Your Business in a Millennial World.

This session will prime the pump for what is to come the following two days at Elevate 2017.

Here’s the amazing part… this session is FREE.

Yes, free. It comes as part of your Elevate 2017 registration.

The only catch is that the room holds about 100 people. So you have to register for this session if you want to go.

If you already have a ticket to Elevate 2017, it’s super easy to register, just click here and fill out the form.

If don’t yet have a ticket to Elevate 2017, now is the time, click here and register today.

This special workshop starts at 130pm on Sunday the 4th and runs till 500pm.

We then have drinks and heavy hor d’oeuvres starting at 700pm to kick off the conference.

So, if you’re going to be into Milwaukee by 130pm on Sunday, our special Branding Your Business in a Millennial World is a great way to get your Elevate 2017 conference started.

I will see you there!

branding your business in a millennial world

6) Harley Davidson Museum Here We Come

On Monday night, June 5th, we’re taking all Elevate attendees out for dinner and drinks.

We’re referring to this part of the conference as the Brat Bonanza, (because Milwaukee is famous for brats and I also enjoy alliterations).

Well, we’re jacked up to announce that the Brat Bonanza has found a home at the Harley Davidson Museum.

Yes, you read that right, we’ll all be traveling to the world famous Harley Davidson Museum for 3 hours of food, booze and fun as we wind down from our first day of Elevate.

Even if you’re not into motorcycles, you’re going to love this place.

It’s awesome.

Seriously awesome.

Get your ticket to Elevate 2017 today and join in the fun!

The Brat Bonanza is brought to you by the Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin!

Big huge thank you goes out to IIAW for helping to make Elevate 2017 the EPIC event we all know it’s going to be.

harley davidson museum

The Rub

Maybe this helps you make your decision and maybe it doesn’t, but I’ve built Elevate 2017 as the dream insurance marketing conference I’ve always wanted to attend.

We didn’t pick the Pfister Hotel just because… We picked it because it’s inspiring.

We didn’t pick the speakers simply because they said yes… We picked them because they’re passionate, amazing and dynamic.

Every detail is meant to educate, entertain and inspire you to be the best insurance marketer you can be.

That’s it… that’s the deal.

The price goes up on April 5th.

Don’t wait till then.

Get your ticket to Elevate 2017 TODAY!

I’ll see you there.

Ryan Hanley

elevate 2017 agency nation

image credit: Julien Douvier

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