7 Tools To Kickstart Your Marketing

For much of the insurance industry, bringing in new clients and effective communication are key to maintaining a profitable client base and ensuring you provide an optimal customer experience. Thankfully, with the evolution of technology, your marketing doesn’t need to solely rely on the more traditional (and some may say uninventive) methods. In fact, there are many valuable resources you can use to maximize your marketing strategy.

Here are 7 free and easy-to-use tools to kickstart your marketing without creating additional stress:

Need: SEO Tool

Solution: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a giant tool for anyone, whether beginner or expert, to analyze their competitors, gather keywords and phrases that will work, and find the best strategy for creating content that Google will pick up and make visible to your intended audience. Although Ubersuggest offers a wide list of resources, here’s a quick rundown: users can search their competitors’ domains and see a background of their marketing strategies; have keywords suggested to you based on relevance and season; review content with the most hits so you’ll know exactly what to write about; track your own backlinks effectively.

Need: Content Writing and Proofreading Tool

Solution: Grammarly

Grammarly is an app and internet extension that tracks your writing in the background and proofreads it for you. Many of the suggestions the app provides are simple, common mistakes that can enhance your writing when fixed. When you double click a word in Google Docs or in an email, as examples, Grammarly will provide synonyms you can replace it with. If you pay an extra bit per month, you can also use Grammarly Pro which will suggest the reworkings of sentences based on your tone and audience.

Need: Graphics Creation Tool

Solution: Canva

Canva is an online tool or smartphone app that lets you build graphics for social media, your blog, brand images, and any other marketing visuals you may need for your business. The platform provides templates for free or a small fee as well as plenty of images and fonts to choose from. For a monthly fee, you can go pro where you have access to much more visuals and can build branding colors, etc. Canva is an easy to use tool that requires no graphic design experience or pricey photo editing software.

Need: Animation Tool

Solution: Biteable

No animation skills? You don’t need them with the easy to build animated video tool on Biteable. Imagine being able to create videos within seconds using stock images and templates made available by the app that you can use to align with your brand and distribute your message to your audience. If you have your own clips or images too, you can easily integrate them within the video. Your animation is free to download and use on all your social media or online platforms.

Need: Video Creation Tool

Solution: WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editor that makes it simple and quick to create videos for your agency’s brand. Reminiscent of classic video editors without the intense cost, you can build a video in minutes and share it just as quickly. There is no need to purchase greenscreens and expensive lights as you can incorporate them effortlessly into the video editor. There are also over a million stock images, video clips, and music tracks you can add to your video to make it look even more professional. And of course, it’s free!

Need: Infographics Tool

Solution: Venngage

Infographics are one of the most useful visuals you can create that will engage with customers and provide valuable content for them to build relationships with your brand. Venngage offers users the ability to create infographics for free using their templates and building platform that ensures each graphic is professional and easy to make. You can add visuals, build graphs and charts, and customize your infographic to your brand in minutes. From there, download the image and share it on your social media or print onto pamphlets to send home with potential customers.

Need: Meme Creation Tool

Solution: Kapwing

Memes are enormously popular right now among almost every generation and are a quick and easy way of communicating with your audience. They’re also simple to make with meme generators like Kapwing. Start by choosing your template, insert your own image/GIF or choose one that’s already popular or recognizable online, and then add your text and customize it. You can review many of the thousands of trending memes and build your own from there, download it, and share it easily with your customers.

If there’s a marketing trend you want to use to promote your agency, chances are that there’s a free or useful platform you can utilize to perfectly optimize your strategy.

Interested in learning how you can take your insurance brand or agency to the next level with content and digital marketing? Reach out for a conversation today or review my previous blog posts here.

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