“Can I provide you a quote on your insurance?”  

Too many insurance agents are asking this question and then wondering why they’re frustrated and struggling to write more business.

Most insurance agents put their blood, sweat, and tears into growing their client base, but that usually involves doing the same types of things the competition is doing.

This includes putting together a huge lead list (suspect list), interrupting your way to get their x-dates, and following up to ask, “Can I provide you a quote on your insurance?”  

Does this process produce some sales?  Yes.

Does it position you as a leader and trusted resource in your industry? Does it position you for long-term sustainable success? I think you already know the answer to those questions.

If you want to stand out from crowd and become the point of comparison and leader in your community or segment, you have to up your game.  This involves creativity, work ethic, specialization, a desire to help your customer in innovative ways

Most importantly, you must be willing to do things others aren’t willing to do.

Here are seven ways to stop begging and start attracting ideal clients.

1) Blogging

Some people are confused about blogging.  What is it?  Why should I do it? Is it worth it?

In the simplest form, blogging is communication via written word on a webpage.

It is not complicated and you don’t need to be copywriter. Any agent can start and utilize a blog if they are willing to invest emotional capital.  It’s taking your thoughts and ideas and writing them down where others can see.  It does not have to be perfect, but it must be uniquely you and provide value to others.  

It takes time and thought, but it provides an open channel of communication where you can share your knowledge with prospects and clients. You can become a resource, authority figure, and likable human being through the value you provide to your target audience.  

I started my own insurance blog in 2011 to gain visibility and provide value to my prospects and customers.  It wasn’t perfect, but it made me a better agent, positioned me a leader in my areas of specialization, and almost 200,000 views later, I would consider it a success.  

My favorite aspect of blogging is that it affects every other aspect of your sales and marketing.  

You become a better thinker, communicator, problem solver, and relationship builder.  Not only that, the next 6 ideas that I will share with you can all be repurposed from blog content.  

Need help with what to write about on your blog?  Here is the link to receive the “10 blog posts I feel that every insurance agent must write.”

98% of agents won’t produce content on a blog or website.  You have the opportunity to be one of the 2% that stand up and stand out through your content.

2) Public Speaking

If only 2% of agents will write and blog, less than 1% will have the fortitude to get in front of a live audience to speak.  

You have probably heard the phrase that public speaking is the #2 fear only behind the fear of death.  I can tell you from experience the fear is real.  I can also tell you the the opportunities and personal development from speaking greatly outweigh this fear.

The reality is that speaking in front of an audience gives you instant credibility and expertise. Think about it, you have the full attention of the crowd for a period of time where you are providing value to them.   

What do you think will make the biggest impression, hammering out 20 cold calls or speaking in front of 20 people where you are the center of attention?  The answer is clear, but most agents are more comfortable making cold calls even though they loathe making them.  

If you are nervous about speaking and don’t know where to start, consider joining a local Toastmasters group.  It’s a great way to get your feet wet and get positive feedback on your speaking skills.  Ask to speak for your local civic groups like Rotary or Kiwanis.  They are always looking for speakers that can provide their group value.  

Speak about problems, solutions, frustrations, new ideas, and content relevant for your audience.  It doesn’t have to be about insurance. In fact, try to avoid techno insurance talk. Discuss your experiences, tell stories, use humor, and give them a reason to follow-up with you.

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3) Being Published

How would a weekly, monthly, or quarterly article that was published in a local newspaper or trade magazine help in solidifying you as an expert in your field?  How about for building your credibility?  

There are publications that are desperately seeking a new voice and thought leader for their readers. Find publications that serve the audience you are trying to reach and demonstrate to the publication the type of value you provide. Utilize your blog posts as testimony to your writing and leverage it.

You don’t sell your products or service in a published article, you sell yourself and your knowledge. It takes time, relationships, and awesome content, but it works.

4) Webinars

Are you looking for a way to get more touches with your current clients or prospects?

Don’t overlook the power of online training through webinars.

What do your ideal prospects and customers want to learn?  How can you help them be more profitable and productive?  What can you share with them to add value to their life?

I love on-site workshops, but let’s face it, most of your prospects and customers don’t want to get into their cars and drive to a specific location at a specific time with their busy schedules. 

Webinars allow your prospects and customers to log in from the comfort of their own office or home. Even if they can’t make it to your webinar live, they can access a replay at their convenience.

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5) Video

Utilizing video to build your authority and show your personality can be very effective.

Most agents feel that they need a high priced equipment and editing software to utilize video. Having nice video equipment and software is helpful, but the genuineness of your message supersedes video quality.

One of the best examples leveraging the power of video was Agency Nation’s own Ryan Hanley who used video to answer “100 insurance questions in 100 days.” in 2012.  Ryan was a newer agent with the Murray Group and wanted to find a way to maximize his visibility and knowledge.  

By using his smartphone camera and answering basic insurance questions, Ryan was able to provide value to prospects and clients, while at the same time, grow the audience for him and the agency rapidly.  

How were his final results? Ryan wrote terrific post about it.  Check them out here.

6) Podcasts

I listen to a different podcast about every day. Why? Podcasts are free, on-demand, and I get the choose the specific topic and podcast I want to listen to. My commutes have become podcast university.  Here are my 5 favorite podcasts for insurance agents.

There is a good chance your prospects and clients are either currently listening to or will be listening to podcasts soon. They want specific information that is relevant to them.

What if you could be the voice they hear on their drive to work or while working in the yard?  

Most agents haven’t even thought about this opportunity, but it’s something you should consider.  

If you combine your passion, knowledge, and something your target audience is interested about, you can create a successful podcast.  It doesn’t have to be specifically about insurance. It could be about your community, the industry or segment you serve, or in-depth knowledge on a particular subject area.

The size and scope of podcast listeners will continue to grow.  The key element of podcasts is that you capture their attention.  If your prospects and customers can gain value from your while in their car or mowing the lawn, it can be huge boost to your likability, authority, and revenue.  

If you are serious about starting a podcast, this tutorial from Pat Flynn will provide you a step by step process.  

7) Business Social Media

When I speak with agents about sales and marketing, social media inevitably always comes up.  

Utilizing social media for your insurance business can be effective, but you must have a plan. Otherwise, you will get lost in the social media abyss.  

Too many agents try to join every social media channel with no thought to their target audience, understanding of the social media platform they are using, and no idea of what type of content to share.  

This type of action causes more frustration than success.

Just like the other six ideas I have mentioned, social media only works if you are bringing valuable solutions or ideas to the target audience you serve best.  

I suggest focusing on one platform and learn how to leverage it effectively for your business to build relationships, share ideas, engage with others, and answer questions.  

Carrie Reynolds, known as the “Insurance Goddess,” and co-owner Alan Galvez Insurance, wrote a great blog post post on how she uses social media to market her agency.

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The Bottom Line

Agents that implement innovative ways to deliver value to their prospects and customers will position themselves for long-term success.  

Your prospects and clients and looking for thought leaders that help them live better lives.  

Interrupting them to make a quick sales pitch doesn’t add value.  

Providing innovative and resourceful content through blogging, speaking, being published, webinars, video, podcasts, and social media are 7 ways you can add tremendous value and build relationships.  

None of the ideas I have suggested are easy.  They are hard work.  They require vision, commitment, creativity, and passion for serving your audience.

98% of agents won’t utilize these resources to attract ideal prospects, nurture relationships and build long-lasting loyalty.  

Your opportunity awaits.  Don’t miss it.  


Brent Kelly helps insurance agents stand up, stand tall, and stand out through training programs.  He is co-founder and CEO of BizzGrizz Marketing.  

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