Independent agents serve the market by providing options to clients with unique needs. Whether a client want to insure a collection of high-end art or they have a questionable driving record and can’t get accepted by the major insurance agencies – there’s an independent agent with the right solution.

However, being on your own without the resources of a large insurance firm to back you up makes it more challenging to generate leads. You need a way to connect specific prospects with your specific services.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that benefits both agents and clients –

Trusted Choice helps you build brand awareness and connect with potential clients of all types, from businesses to consumers. That doesn’t mean you can create a basic profile and leads will start pouring in, though.

The agents who get the best results on Trusted Choice are deliberate in how they optimize their profiles and use their account. In this article, we’re going to share 8 powerful features to help you reach more people and maximize your lead generation from Trusted Choice.

1. Include Photos of You and Your Team

People connect with people, and that’s why your profile needs to have photos for prospects to see the people behind the brand. Ideally, you would like to have a photo of yourself and the key members of your team.

In addition to creating a deeper connection, you also create more opportunities for people in your local network to spot a member of your team that they know – making your agency instantly stand out.

You can take a look at The Murray Group’s agency profile to see a great example of how it’s done from a group that’s successfully generating leads on Trusted Choice.

trusted choice advantage profile

2. Add a Video

Now you’ve got some high-quality images on your page – the next powerful feature you want to take advantage of is video.

By default, Trusted Choice provides a video you can use. However, you want to add a custom video as soon as possible to add more depth and maintain a consistent brand image.

Your video doesn’t need to be a full-length film or anything complicated. You simply want to provide a brief, personable introduction to your agency.

Here’s what The Murray Group did:

3. Leverage Testimonials

Even more powerful than photos and video, testimonials make a huge difference in how well agency profiles perform. The modern buyer relies on testimonials and reviews to make smart purchasing decision – and it’s one of the driving factors that attracts potential clients to Trusted Choice in the first place.

If you already have some testimonials, you absolutely want to list them on your page. Otherwise, you want to get some testimonials as soon as possible.

Rather than waiting around for your clients to send you a testimonial, you can always reach out to them and ask for honest feedback. This also gives you a chance to address any concerns you might not have known about, if you happen to get any critical feedback.


4. List Every Insurance Type and Industry You Cover

A common mistake agencies make is not thoroughly completing their agency profile on Trusted Choice. This severely limits the effectiveness of your profile.

In your dashboard, you have the option to select the types of insurance coverage you provide, along with the industries you cover. It’s important to select everything you cover because your coverage selections will determine which search results your agency profile appears in.

Since Trusted Choice users are looking for specific solutions, you will only show up in search queries that are relevant to your agency.

Advantage Subscription

5. Set Your Preferences for Types of Clients You Don’t Target

Something you won’t see on an agency profile, but you have access to from your dashboard, is the ability to set preferences for which types of businesses/prospective clients you do and don’t want to target.

This prevents your agency from showing up in search results for prospects who aren’t in your target market, as well as ensuring you show up in the search results for your ideal clients. subscription

6. Take Advantage of Top Search Engine Rankings

One of the hidden benefits of having a Trusted Choice agency profile is the SEO you stand to gain.

Trusted Choice has spent years building their web presence and establishing their authority as a trusted resource for insurance buyers. As such, their SEO is extremely powerful – resulting in over 3,000 #1 rankings for insurance keywords.

That means several things for you:

  1. More potential brand awareness
  2. Your agency profile can outrank competitor websites
  3. You can benefit from Trusted Choice’s SEO by linking to your website from your profile

You can tell The Murray Group understands this opportunity because they’ve linked to several pages on their website using anchor text.

7. Connect Your Agency Profile to Social Media

In addition to linking to your website, you can also connect your Trusted Choice agency profile with your various social media profiles to further engagement with your brand. This allows you to create more context for your agency profile and gives prospects more opportunities to research your agency.

trusted choice features

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

One of the key factors that differentiates Trusted Choice from social media networks is that people go to social media to be social and they go to Trusted Choice to research and shop insurance.

That means Trusted Choice users are further in the decision-making process than other online users.

With that in mind, you are free to get straight to the point on your agency profile and highlight the reasons a prospect should choose you. Be sure to include a call-to-action at the end of your About Us section, as well as in your video.

The Rub

Trusted Choice is easily one of the best solutions an independent insurance agency could use.

Between their powerful network and the friendly user-experience for prospects to find the right agents, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

However, you can’t throw together a bare minimum agency profile and expect maximum results.

Fortunately, if you put in the little bit of extra work upfront, you’ll have a stellar profile that continues to attract new clients to your agency for years to come!

Agency Nation Advantage Subscription

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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