This short video will explain the nine primary website traffic sources for TrustedChoice.com.

We’ve created this video in response to our frequently asked question, “How do insurance consumers find the TrustedChoice.com website?” <- click the link for a more detailed explanation of how we drive traffic to TrustedChoice.com.

Understanding that the life of an independent insurance agent is very busy, we’ve created a short explanation to this common question. Watch the video below for the answer…

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Video Transcript

This is the two and a half minute version of the most frequently asked question we get about TrustedChoice.com. How do insurance consumers find the TrustedChoice.com website?

There are nine methods with which we drive insurance consumers to TrustedChoice.com. The first and the primary method, over 100,000 hits a month comes from SEO Contact Marketing Organic search.

We have over 1,200 pages on our site and people are finding us every day when they have a problem. The second is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Online, so that means Google ads, Facebook ads, driving people to targeted pages.

The third method, Branded Campaigns, such as Trusted Choice’s sponsorship of the National Lacrosse Tournament and all the coverage we got from that, people are interested in visiting TrustedChoice.com.

The fourth method is social media. Trusted Choice has almost 61,000 likes on Facebook and they leverage those likes all the time to drive traffic. The fifth is links. Links from media partners, links from said associations from The Big Eye from other partners and peers inside the insurance industry, people find our name and those places, and they’re linked back to our site.

The sixth are media spots and press releases, we’re constantly reaching out to the media, getting them the right stories, getting them to get a better understanding of what Trusted Choice is and what it’s doing and those stories help drive traffic. The seventh reason, Stay Associations and The Big Eye are doing an incredible job of marketing Trusted Choice and letting people know what TrustedChoice.com is.

When insurance consumers find those pages, they’re being pushed through to TrustedChoice.com so those consumers can ultimately find an agent. The eighth reason, advertising. TV, newspaper, radio, you may have heard of Dennis Miller ads, and also recently, the Illinois State Association did a wonderful job getting a Trusted Choice spot inside the Chicago Bear’s preview of the USA Today. And the ninth and final reason is referrals. We have had multiple occasions where insurance consumers that have come through the TrustedChoice.com portal said that a peer or friend referred them to¬†TrustedChoice.com as a great place to find an independent agent.

If you have questions about TrustedChoice.com, agency.onlineworkbook.com is the place to find your answers. You can reach out to us. We have tons of “How To” videos. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

If you want more great videos, or if you want more detail on how insurance consumers find TrustedChoice.com, accompanying this video is a longer version, a more detailed version of the nine reasons we just discussed. My name is Ryan Henley, I am the Digital Marketing Lead at TrustedChoice.com and I will see you next time.

Video Recap

The nine primary website traffic sources for TrustedChoice.com include:

  1. SEO/Content Marketing (Organic search is our #1 source of traffic)
  2. PPC or pay-per-click online advertising
  3. Branded Campaigns such as the National Lacrosse Tournament sponsorship
  4. Social Media
  5. Links for other websites
  6. Local and national media stories
  7. State Association campaigns
  8. Advertising
  9. Referrals

When it comes to driving website traffic, there is never just one method. In the case of TrustedChoice.com, these are just the nine primary methods for generating website traffic. There are more, and we’re adding sources of traffic whenever we can.

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Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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