Defeats the purpose of trying to leave one in the first place.

Yesterday was more six year old basketball and today we’re making a trip to my sister’s house to meet our new niece.

I definitely overbooked myself on the widest cross section of insurance possible this week.

Monday it was a visit to a small agency just getting off the ground with inbound marketing.

Wednesday was a quick trip to see my friend Seth Zaremba at Zinc insurance with Sydney to prep for an Agency Nation University workshop.

Thursday morning I was back as Zinc to help kickoff the filming process before heading down to Cincinnati for InsurTech Cincy.

Friday, on my way home, I stopped in Columbus to see my friends at the Ohio Insurance Agents Association and Bold Penguin.

While you really can’t find a wider sample of the industry, I guess you could mix in a super mega agency and a proper insurance company, but you’re just nitpicking now…

My brain has never been so scattered across so many different segments in such a short period of time.

What does it all mean?

Where is the industry going?

Will there ever be a Saved By The Bell Reunion?

So many important questions, so little time.

The one thing that consistently showed up everyday, in every conversation?


Legacy technology.

Legacy generations.

Legacy relationships.

Legacy legacies.


We’re so concerned about how what we did will last, that we never think about what we need to do so that it will.

It’s not about making excuses for not updating systems.

Or providing fully integrated technology solutions.

It’s not even about how your people can’t (or won’t) do something.

It’s about making sure our legacy doesn’t kill us.

Because right now it’s trying awfully hard.

Right now, the last line of defense we have for this legacy is leadership.

Leadership that needs to come from every corner of the industry.

The only thing it needs to do is the right thing.

Because doing the right thing doesn’t mean waiting until it’s too late.

Or seeing how dangerously close we can get to an insurance consumer revolt.

It means standing strong doing something that will last long into the future, regardless of how easy it is to see today.

Because that’s the thing about good leadership. It can see those things no matter how far away they are.

If that leadership starts looking now, it should increase the impact it can make across the entire industry.

Because even the people out there looking through the biggest telescopes aren’t sure how close they can get to universal adoption.

That’s an unexpected, maybe slightly crazy feeling to have.

Because I think, if we start looking for our own new corner, we’ll find that legacy we’re so worried about alive and well.

We just have to be brave enough to get there.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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