How Do Video/Social Media Work for Insurance Marketing? (Part 1), the online portal springing out of independent agency Technology Insurance Associates LLC in Manalapan, New Jersey, was formed in 2005. From that early start in providing online insurance experiences, the website’s leaders are taking fresh steps to reach out to prospects and customers via video and social media.

The agency’s active on its YouTube channel and regularly uses posts including video on LinkedInFacebook and
Instagram as a way to engage on those digital channels as well as its InsureYourCompany and InsureYourHome websites. Its Virtual Water Cooler Instagram Live show every Wednesday is its most recent new insurance content.

I reached out to Jaime Chaifetz, video content producer, to talk about her role as a millennial video and social media expert for an insurance agency. Here she gives insights and experiences for insurance marketers.

  • As a digital native, how did you think video and social media could best be used for insurance marketing?

Our goal is to educate. We want our clients to be well informed. 

When we first started taking on social media, it was a way for the digital world to see that our agency not only had a face but had personality and dedicated people behind the scenes. 

Insurance is a unique product. A consumer cannot just go into a store, pick it up and hold it in their hand. As insurance agents, we are constantly teaching our clients about insurance. 

We base our video marketing on helping everyone understand insurance: Compiling our knowledge of the products and explaining it in a way that the viewer gains actual knowledge about a product that is required in almost every part of life

  • What have you learned about using video and social media for insurance marketing?

We have learned that it is crucial to be organized, to think big, and remember that content is king. 

Being organized takes a video or social production from concept to creation. It’s so necessary with all the steps that are needed to make a successful video campaign. It starts with organizing thoughts on a Trello board (an online content creation tool), writing scripts, making lists upon lists for props and gear, going out and filming it, and of course finishing with the editing process. 

Thinking big has been key in our strategy because it challenges us to grow in the world of social media as well as professionally and personally. 

Another big lesson for us is that content is king. Things don’t always have to be perfect to post to social networking sites as long as the information is solid. It’s about doing the best job you can and then setting your ideas free.

  • What do you perceive as the most important attributes for a video/social media campaign for an insurance business audience?

We find that the most important attributes for a video or social campaign are accountability, staying current and the entertainment factor. 

It’s essential that the information is correct, up to date and meaningful to the audience. That’s the obvious must-dos of any campaign. 

But we can’t forget that learning about policy information can make some eyes gloss over, so there needs to be something fresh and amusing about the content too. The marketing team works with the entire company to come up with video ideas. We have one concept called “The InsuRanch.” On this ranch you won’t find your average livestock or produce. On this ranch, you’ll mosey on over to hear tips about how to save money when buying auto insurance. Hear tales from an old rancher about how life insurance benefits your family. The information is important, but we need to make it relatable to be understandable.

Next blog post: Read about the original content series that is using for awareness and lead generation.

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