Act Like A Leader, Think Like A CEO

Do you have a strong CEO mindset? Are you leading your agency or is your agency leading you? Far too often, many new agency owners jump into agency ownership and quickly begin to emulate what everyone else is doing in their agency. The issue with playing follow the leader is agency ownership is that by doing so, you miss the opportunity to think strategically for yourself and build an agency from your own unique perspective and aspirations. Yes, embracing some of the industry’s best practices could prove to be fruitful. However, you will position yourself for longer term success when you step away from the herd and begin to build a life and an agency of your own creation. I have been teaching and practicing for years in my work as an Executive Business Coach to Insurance Entrepreneurs and one common theme has been consistent: leadership and a success mindset is vital to the overall health of your agency and career. Let me share a little secret with you about agency ownership that they do not tell you when you start an agency: strong leadership and mindset is everything. I must admit, that when I first started in agency, I lacked in the proper mindset necessary to build a strong. In fact, I rambled along for quite some time, before I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. The good news is that once I identified where I needed to redirect my focus. I was able to take steps to transform my mindset and become the leader that I desired. While it may take some time to fully develop a true CEO Mindset, there are a few things that you can start doing right now:
  1. Read daily. Pick up books about business advice or any topic that relates to agency ownership. The more you read, the better prepared you will be to create strategic plans to move your agency forward. I suggest setting aside 30 minutes everyday to read and stay abreast of what’s trending in the industry. Tip: Download Audible to listen during your commute or morning jog!
  2. Plan your priorities. Successful CEO’s have many things common and one leading commonality is that they have mastered the art of how to effectively manage their time. More than anything, they have organized their personal lives and their business. Henry Kaiser, founder of Kaiser Aluminum and Kaiser Permanente Health Care, says, “Every minute spent in planning will save you two in execution.” Time cannot be retrieved, so live every as effectively as you can.
  3. Value the process more than events. Move beyond the goal of being in the Top 10 in your district or state. Strive for measurable continuous agency performance month to month. Events in life are temporary, they teach us how to make better decisions. However, it is the process of change and growth that will have lasting value. Choose to embrace the process and learn from both.
  4. Seek balance and team development. Improve your teams effectiveness by ensuring that new team members complete a thorough onboarding program and creating development opportunities to learn about topics like changing technology, communication, managing job performance during a crisis and sales execution.
  5. Be Authentic: What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room? What do you stand for? What are some things that are deal breakers? Answer these questions based on your own gifts, talents, skills and abilities and determine how they align with the needs of your agency growth and culture. Remember, you set the tone of your agency.
I hope these tips help you start to develop a stronger leadership style and own your CEO mindset. Both are crucial for the longevity and success of your agency. For more training and insight, join our community here. Follow me on LinkedIn.

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