Look around. It’s obvious that Agency Nation is an unfinished product at this point. Why would we ever launch a website unfinished?

The answer: Action trumps perfection.

Action Trumps Perfection

Action Trumps Perfection

A common misconception that most businesses fall victim to (not just insurance agencies) is the belief that what they’re creating needs to be perfection in order to launch.

Not true.

These organizations become paralyzed by the need for a website, a social media platform, a trifold marketing piece, or a cold-calling script to be perfect

I call this “Professional-itis.”

Professional-itis – defined as the irrational belief that anything in business will be perfect and the subsequent paralysis caused by the fear of imperfection.

Common symptoms of Professional-itis in an agency’s digital presence include:

  • Inaction
  • Boring stock imagery
  • Dull corporate language
  • Generate product and service descriptions
  • Arduous review process
  • More inaction
  • Limited to no results

Have you experienced this in your agency?

Sure you have. We all have. These new digital marketing strategies and 21st century technology has knocked our entire insurance planet out of orbit. Even for a guy like me who has embraced digital marketing completely, there are still many concepts I’m trying to get my brain around.

I work every day to better understand and implement insurance digital marketing strategies, and I’m completely willing to admit I haven’t mastered them all.

My point is, I’m not expecting you to be a digital marketing master guru. Over time, both here on Agency Nation and inside our Pathfinder Newsletter, we’re going to talk about hundreds of digital marketing strategies.

You’re going to get overwhelmed.

You’re going to get confused.

You’re going to get frustrated.

You’re also going to get your message in front of the targeted consumers that you want to do business with.

You’re also going to grow your audience.

You’re also going to grow your insurance business.

I promise you.

But I need you to make a promise as well. I need you to promise that you’re not going to get hung up on perfection and grammar and all the other silly mistakes that are bound to happen.

I need you to promise that you’re going to take action.

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Action Teaches Us Perfection

What works online changes fast. Very fast. This is why waiting for your website to look perfect or video production to be “professional” quality isn’t realistic.

The accepted web design of two years ago is considered antiquated and clunky today. Was your site created using “Flat” design?


Maybe you’re asking yourself what the heck is Flat design? Well, that’s the latest craze in web design. Two years ago, Flat design wasn’t even a thing.

Five years ago, building your website on WordPress was considered unprofessional, and now more 20% of the websites in the world are built on WordPress.

My point is, waiting doesn’t work in today’s extremely fast-paced digital world. The most professional thing you can do is take action. Create. Launch. Get your message out into the world and work towards perfection with the understanding that you never actually get there.

The skills you learn over time from doing the work will allow you to adapt and shift your digital presence with the ever-changing landscape that is our online marketplace.

This is why we launched Agency Nation unfinished.

Our goal is to maximize the value of this platform to YOU, our audience. The only way to do this is to take action, learn from your feedback, and adjust accordingly.

Launching Agency Nation unfinished is our way of practicing what we preach.

I have no doubt that certain projects and features of Agency Nation won’t work… and that’s OK. Over time, we’ll work all that stuff out.

All that matters to me (and what is ultimately my advice to you) is that we relentlessly take action every day in an effort to provide as much value to our audience as possible.

If we do that, finished or unfinished, Agency Nation will be a success.

The same goes for your digital marketing activities online.

What action have you taken today?

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan Hanley
Digital Marketing Lead
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