Agency Nation, in partnership with, is happy to announce the release of our very first Advantage Agent Survey: What Agents Want from continues to mature as an online referral source for independent insurance agents. It’s vitally important to the evolution of our service that we provide feedback opportunities to our Advantage subscribers.

The response to our survey request was amazing. More than 300 Advantage subscriber agents responded with their feedback.

Please find the results of our very first Advantage Agent Survey below:

Advantage Agent Survey

We surveyed the over 2,700 Advantage Subscribers to find out more about who they are and what they’d like to see improved on

You can download the full survey findings here.

From those findings, we’ve pulled out four charts that provide particularly interesting insights into the mindset of Advantage subscribers.

1) Most Requested Carrier Participation

Advantage subscriber agents have strong relationships with the independent insurance carriers they know and trust. It only makes sense that Advantage subscriber agents would want these same carriers to be part of the largest national independent insurance agency branding effort ever undertaken.

When asked which insurance carriers (not currently participating on Advantage subscriber agents would most like to be added, there was one overwhelming favorite: The Hartford.

NOTE: Since this survey was recorded, some of the carriers listed below have joined Unfortunately, we are still in negotiations with the two most requested insurance carriers, The Hartford and Auto-Owners Insurance.

most requested carrier participation

2) Yellow Page Advertising

What we could guess is actually true, that independent insurance agents are losing faith in Yellow Page print advertising. Over 47% of Advantage subscriber agents responded to have used/stopped using the Yellow Pages to market their agency.

More interesting, however, are the 23% of respondents who are still using the Yellow Pages to advertise their agency, but report poor results.

It will be interesting to track these agencies over time.¬†Why would you continue to pay for print advertising if you don’t believe you’re receiving positive results?

How many agencies are actually tracking where their business comes from?

Yellow Page Advertising

3) Use of Trusted Choice Logo

It’s not surprising that the vast majority of Advantage subscriber agents responding, 82%, use the Trusted Choice logo in some form in their marketing.

It’s also a positive sign that 43% of respondents use the Trusted Choice logo on “most” of their marketing materials. However, this is a number we all must work to improve. Trusted Choice is the unifying foundation of the independent insurance agency system.

We should consider 43% as low, and we should work hard, and together, to move this number up each year.


4) Improvements to

I’m very happy to announce that the number one requested improvement to, Call Tracking for Online Referrals, has been implemented. Over 1,000 Advantage subscriber agencies have call tracking on their profile, and more are being added every week (Unfortunately, adding a call tracking number isn’t as simple as you just buy them. Each number needs to be sourced and set up).

In order, here are the improvements that Advantage subscriber agents would like to see:

  • Call Tracking on¬† Leads – 57%
  • Customer Reviews and Reviews of Agency Experience – 43%
  • Additional Advertising Options Inside – 36%
  • Educational Resources to Optimize Advantage Profile – 35%
  • Producer Profiles – 24%
  • Live Chat Online – 15%

As the Head of Marketing for, I can say with certainty that all the items on this list (remember call tracking is already live) are in the development pipeline. Look for each to roll out soon.

improvements to

The Rub

It’s fair to say that the first Advantage Agent Survey was a complete success. We could not have expected the response we received in terms of total agencies participating.

Additionally, the business insight we received from respondents was fantastic. The results from this survey are used every day inside of to shape future functionality.

That being said, there are a few things we’d like to do better next time:

  1. SurveyMonkey (the tool we used to perform this survey) allows us to ask follow-up questions to certain responses. In the next survey, we’ll use this feature to dive a little deeper on topics of particular interest.
  2. We need to do a better job of setting the baseline use of digital marketing for Advantage subscriber agents.
  3. There should be a free form section for respondents to share whatever information they believe to be important.

All three of these improvements will be included in the next Advantage Agent Survey.

I hope you found this information as useful as I did.

Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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