Agency Checkup: Where is Your Agency Now and Where Could it be Better?

Is it time for agency checkup?

In this episode, Kelly talks about the need for an agency checkup. Where are you now and what can you do better? COVID-19 has caused a number of generational rifts regarding workplace culture, and it’s important to examine the best way to move forward in an uncertain situation.

She begins by discussing the different types of people who likely work in your office, grouping them into broad-based categories. While everyone is unique, Kelly says that understanding these generational traits can be helpful to creating a positive and successful working environment.

1) Mature Generation– These individuals are in the last decade of their career and are experiencing a lot of internal and external change. They may not be as career-driven as before and are instead, looking for a better work-life balance. Strengths include a career’s worth of knowledge, while downsides include an aversion to technology and the tendency to burnout.

2) In-Between Generation– These individuals are often working moms who primarily identify with their role at home. Due to a crazy schedule, they appreciate flexibility and have no desire for after hours activities. Strengths include a stronger ability to adapt to technology, while downsides include a tendency to push through work without asking for help. This can lead to resentment if they are not appreciated and given a strong sense of direction.

3) New Generation– These individuals are young and idealistic, often relying more on philosophy than experience. They appreciate casual attire, which sometimes makes it difficult for them to understand the ‘why’ behind a procedure. Strengths include a proclivity for technology, while downsides include the inability to understand the motivations and viewpoints of others.

Kelly points out that all of these generations bring something positive to the table. Even though mature individuals can be stubborn, they have the opportunity to mentor younger staff and leave a positive legacy. The in-between generation, while stretched thin, is extremely hardworking and dependable. The new generation brings energy and new ideas.

With COVID-19, many people are looking to enter a stable industry. By honoring the past and looking toward the future, agencies can make the transition easier for everyone with open communication and a culture of understanding.

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