Agency Nation at Five Years Young

A few weeks ago, I realized that we are coming up on an important anniversary at Agency Nation. We are now five years young!

Milestones like that are always a good opportunity to look back, but more importantly to look ahead. And I thought it would be a good time to share with all of you where we are going; and where we hope to be five years from now.

As you all know, we aren’t afraid to write new chapters at Agency Nation. We’ve written several over the past five years. New insurance blogs, video series, podcasts and of course a very successful annual conference for innovative forward-leaning independent agents – Elevate.

I remember when we launched Agency Nation, not knowing of course what it would eventually become. That first blog article, written to inspire independent agents to take greater ownership of their digital marketing future, was written five years ago. And I remember in those early days how quickly we realized that there was a substantial and unfulfilled appetite among independent agents, especially younger agents, for the unconventional and somewhat edgy approach we took. It wasn’t long before we were experimenting with other digital mediums, especially video. And again, we saw there was substantial pent-up demand for high-quality digital marketing content. So, we hired more team members and expanded our volume, breadth and pace of content creation. And the “nation” grew quickly.

Fast forward a few years to today.

The landscape has changed dramatically, and I am glad to say for the better! Today, there is an abundance of excellent digital marketing and branding content being produced for independent agents by so many talented bloggers, podcasters, videographers, writers, speakers, and commentators. It’s amazing. And it has been more than gratifying to hear from many of these great content creators that they were in part inspired by Agency Nation. We’re honored; that’s awesome.

As CEO of Agency Nation, my job of course is to look ahead and to allocate our resources strategically. With input and oversight from our board, which includes an amazing collection of industry executives from both agencies, IA companies and the IIABA, I am constantly considering how we should best employ our unique assets in pursuit of our mission to serve the IA channel. We are after all a proud member of the greater Big I family of companies, whose mission is to bring the Independent Agency channel together, aggregating our best ideas for the mutual competitive benefit of all.

Frankly, I see so much opportunity, it’s challenging to stay focused. But that said, I do see some opportunities that are better suited to our unique position in the industry. As I said above, the landscape has changed from what it was five years ago. Others are stepping up and filling the need to create and publish amazing digital marketing content; it’s phenomenal. The best and growing opportunity that I see today for Agency Nation is to leverage our platform to promote that content and to support and encourage those creating it.

In fact, the Agency Nation that we have been moving toward for quite a while now is that of a community of content contributors and collaborators – a central place for insurance professionals to share ideas about insurance marketing and innovation. Think about Elevate, where we have worked very purposefully each year to share the knowledge and wisdom of as many inspiring speakers, executives, panelists and thought leaders as possible.

Of course, we have promoted an ensemble of talented content contributors since the beginning. Think about it – Ryan Hanley, Marty Agather, Joey Giangola, Sydney Roe, Stacy Stevens, Avery Moore, Brent Kelly, Erin Nutting, Kelly Donahue, Dani Kimble, Tracy Cotton, Jared Bellmund, Landon Bentham, Mike Crowley, and Ashley Fitzsimmons just to mention a few! I am sure I missed several, my apologies.

I think that ensemble approach – bringing together multiple voices and perspectives – has been the foundational concept at the core of our success at Agency Nation for five years now, and we are excited to be building upon that theme even further in the months and years ahead.

So, going forward, expect to see us make a more purposeful effort to leverage our unique platform and resources, especially Elevate, to encourage and support the truly amazing community of content contributors that we have seen emerge over the past few years. Expect to see us bring the purpose and spirit of Elevate to every weekly communication and to share our virtual stage with everyone that has a constructive contribution to make to the greater conversation – to help all independent agents become more successful in the digital age.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more details and introducing some important new team members as well. In the meantime, remember that we live and work in the golden age of independent agency innovation. Embrace it and seize upon it. Future generations of insurance professionals will want to hear your incredible stories.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Charles Bacciocco
CEO, Agency Nation / TrustedChoice.com

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