Closing Competitive Gaps – Part 2

Is your organization pursuing a two-speed approach to modernization, optimization and innovation? Are you waking up to new benchmarks and realizing that something needs to change?

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Working with Real Estate Investors

Tips for Working with Real Estate Investors

Insuring investment properties can pose unique challenges including finding the right coverage for a changing portfolio ... more
Insurance Technology

The Future of Insurance Technology: What to Expect in 2021

We recently reached out to insurance industry thought leaders to get their perspective on technology and find out what role ... more
Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Does Your Agency Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you read the headline and are still unsure, then let’s clear it up: Yes, you need a strategy to ... more
Quality versus Price

There’s Nothing High or Low…but Comparing Makes It So

The #1 objection salespeople face is price. It’s as true for insurance agents as it is for car sales, realtors, ... more
Content Marketing

Content Marketing: The Answer to Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Gone are the days of sending out a mass email blast to all your customers and hoping something sticks. You ... more
Real Estate Cross Selling

Inventing a Better Wheel – Driving Sales in the Real Estate Niche

Insurance Agents have leaned on real estate relationships for leads for decades. But shifts in the marketplace are providing an ... more
Internet Leads

Tactics To Win With Internet Leads (Part 3)

For Internet Leads, having a process and knowing what to track and compare against these benchmarks is the critical difference ... more
The Rules Still Apply

The Rules Still Apply, Episode 3

On this episode of The Rules Still Apply, Kat invites Scott Leese, veteran and name-taker of software sales, to discuss ... more
New Year Goals

Setting Goals and Resolutions Can Be Tough

Time management is key. At times we fail to achieve our goals due to poor time management ... more
InsurTech and Romanticism with Integrations & APIs

InsurTech and Romanticism with Integrations & APIs

Learn the ABCs of Integrations and how Insuretech has doubled down on Integrations & APIs to reduce friction and add ... more
Talent Shortage

Solving the Insurance Industry’s Talent Shortage Issue

The insurance industry has been facing a talent shortage issue and looking for a resolution to the problem. I believe ... more
Personal Branding

How and Why to Include Team Member Bios on Your Insurance Agency Website

Team member bios offer clients and prospects the chance to get to know your agency better. Have fun with them! ... more

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