5 Ways to Break the Marketing Paralysis

Corporate America has had three reactions to the pandemic with their marketing communications programs. In my book, only one of them is acceptable.

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More Reviews, More Business: The Power of Social Media Client Reviews {Infographic}

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How to Master Content Curation in Five Easy Steps

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The Insurance Agent's Quick Guide to Facebook Insights

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The Battle Begins: Google Compare Auto Insurance Launches in California

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Social Media Image-Sharing Size Guide for 2015 {Infographic}

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Why Your New Inbound Lead Is a Ticking Time Bomb

That new inbound lead sitting in your email inbox is a ticking time bomb. Every minute you wait to respond ... more
relationship selling

Why Customer Value Hasn’t Changed – Relationship Selling in the Digital World

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online commercial insurance

Online Commercial Insurance: Embers to Conflagration

Small business owners are learning that purchasing personal insurance on-line isn't scary. This is spurring them to purchase commercial policies ... more
less responsive insurance agency

Creating a Less Responsive Insurance Agency Is Unacceptable

At a time when the independent insurance industry is under unprecedented attack, creating a less responsive insurance agency is unacceptable ... more
millennials have begun buying homes

Millennials Are Buying Homes, but Will They Choose Your Agency?

Millennials are buying homes. But the question is, will they choose your agency? Is your agency prepared for the "Mobile ... more
mobile insurance consumer

How to Capture the Mobile Insurance Consumer with Video Marketing

We've reached the mobile tipping point. In this article we learn how to capture the mobile insurance consumer with video ... more

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