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AN Radio - ReSource Pro
Today, guest hosts Ted and Arlene Taveras welcome Matt Bruno of ReSource Pro to discuss all things on managing crises. Learn how this company, one of the first in the U.S. to navigate through COVID-19 virus, did so seamlessly. Matt is the chief operating officer and founder of ReSource Pro. Along with a cross-cultural team, Matt built the operation from one employee in 2003 to a global enterprise with operations in five cities and three countries. Today, Matt is a recognized leader in global and U.S. insurance operations. He encourages employees to innovate, try new things and challenge the status quo. They begin the conversation by discussing the timeline of Matt’s career path and his inspiration behind ReSource Pro. Then the conversation shifts to early 2020 when Matt and his team first began hearing about the coronavirus. With such close contact with their Chinese colleagues, ReSource Pro was among the earliest American businesses to receive word of the pandemic. As the story began developing, their team in China initiated a business continuity plan and crisis management team, putting them at an advantage. Their top priorities included the health and safety of employees and minimizing business disruptions. Before the virus became a huge issue in the U.S, the Chinese office struggled to find PPE and masks. By the time they had gotten the hang of sourcing safety equipment, their American colleagues were facing the same issue they had. ReSource Pro donated over 10,000 masks to various hospitals and nursing homes. When reflecting on the pandemic, Matt was impressed to see the ways in which the company pulled together to get through it. ReSource Pro now has over 400 clients in the insurance industry. Usually, when working with a client, they begin in the area which is the most in need, such as policy checking. Once the first issue is conquered, the client is pleased and requests assistance in other, incremental areas. Their largest challenge involves clients’ hesitance to change. In closing, Matt shares the secret to ReSource Pro’s immense success. It was not achieved through just one thing, but an integration of several elements such as innovation, service excellence and trustworthy partnerships. They also maintain a consistent, methodical approach to all business operations and maintain focus in just one area: insurance. Links: Learn more about ReSource Pro. Connect with Matt Bruno.
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