AN Radio – Trevor Bunker of Applied Systems

AN Radio - Trevor Bunker

Trevor Bunker, Applied Systems

Welcome to the IIABA Podcast from Agency Nation Radio guest hosted today by Peter van Aartrijk. Today we hear from Trevor Bunker, chief customer officer at Applied Systems, an insurance technology company leading the way through innovation.

To begin, Trevor discusses his journey to Applied Systems. He says he would never have believed he’d be changing jobs in the middle of a pandemic, but he came to Applied six months ago. Trevor isn’t an insurance guy, he’s only been in the industry as long as he’s been with Applied–he was brought on for his customer service experience. He started his career as a software developer, but quickly grew into leadership roles centered around the customer.

Independent agencies offer a real sense of belonging and community to employees and members. Insurance is a people business and having empathy for employees and clients was essential, especially during a pandemic. Moving to work-from-home required agencies to rethink their business models as well as a huge uptick in digital workflow. Younger workers are looking for the digital aspect to work, as well as community service, and flexibility. Applied wants to support the workers by providing an anchor space with the latest technology while still allowing workers the flexibility to work from where it serves them the best.

Then, Trevor and Peter discuss minimizing the hoops your customers have to jump through and simplifying workflows for them and the employees. Trevor answers some of Pete’s rapid-fire questions, including common customer problems, and lessons learned in the pandemic. He says the biggest thing he’s learned is how resilient independent agencies and Applied’s customer service team are.


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