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AN Radio with Billy Williams

Welcome to Agency Nation Radio hosted by Billy Williams. Today we hear from Reid Holzworth CEO of IVANS, an InsurTech company. IVANS sits between the carrier and the distribution channel, connecting the two through the management system for the last 40 years. Since becoming the CEO, Reid is working to modernize the platform to allow more companies and managers to connect and do it quicker to the platform and do cool stuff.                   

It no longer makes sense to send your customer through a bunch of hoops and leave them with a difficult experience because carriers don’t have connectivity. IVANS is opening doors to a younger workforce who are excited for new tech. IVANS is streamlining the agents’ process by giving them real data sets, accurate statements, and doing it quickly. This helps leaders run a more efficient agency. They allow agencies to download everything from the carrier but pick and choose what goes into the management system.

IVANS is building a solution that allows you to log in and see all your data in one spot. It will have an automation tool to allow you to see reports and trigger events. This makes the data active, rather than passive. You can tell the system, “When X happens, email me.” IVANS is working on affecting change in the industry through this type of connectivity. These systems are being worked on now, but Reid says he’s expecting the rollout to happen in the next year. They’re already working with fifty management systems, both the big guys and bespoke agencies. They’re providing these agencies with modern tools to leverage their data in the most effective way possible.

As the episode ends, Reid discusses how the agent of today can prepare for what IVANS has to offer.


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