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Five Ideas for Running the Insurance

Are you running the insurance business of the future?

In this week’s episode of Agency Nation Radio we discuss five ideas agency principles should consider when building their agency for theĀ future.

The inspiration for this week’s episode comes from an article published by Booz & Company titled: How Digital Leaders Outperform Their Peers.

In this article the author outlines five critical ways the world’s most successful companies “Get it right.”

  1. In digital, as in everything, stay true to who you are.
  2. Build capabilities, not IT functionality.
  3. Cut costs and invest in reimagination.
  4. Put your culture to work to drive your differentiation.
  5. Shape the future by putting your customer at the center.

One by one we take each concept and spin it to fit the insurance industry. In particular we discuss how each concept impacts the insurance business of the future.

The core idea being that we must no longer think about insurance agencies from the technical perspective. Instead we must take the larger and longer view of what it means to be an insurance business.

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What does it mean to run an insurance business versus an insurance agency?

We love to hear your perspective in the comments below…

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