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Welcome to Agency Nation Radio hosted Marty Agather. Today we hear from Katherine Ternes, vice president of revenue with Agency Zoom, a sales and automation solution specifically made for insurance agents.

To begin, Kat breaks down her position at Agency Zoom. She explains her role involves overseeing everything that happens to touch revenue, including the entire marketing team, acquisition, sales funnel, sales team and the customer success and support teams. She defines the difference between customer success and customer support at Agency Zoom. Customer success can be defined as being proactive outreach and customer support being reactive. The biggest struggle she sees companies face with CRM is their tendency to overextend themselves and their available information. Agency Zoom prepares clients for meetings with only the most relevant information and relieves them of the follow-up work that comes afterwards. Its goal is to enable people with automation and software to have more humanized interactions. 

They discuss the book “Goliath’s Revenge” and how they have integrated its principles into their professional lives. The book articulates six key principles and how they can be practiced by both the “Davids” and the “Goliaths” of agencies. The six principles include step change, big vs. little “I” innovation, competing with disruptors, leveraging partners, having the right team and not being afraid to reframe your purpose. Many agencies, especially the big “Goliaths,” tend to feel stuck to their exact original mission but shouldn’t be approached so hesitantly. With just rapid market changes, the inability to adapt alongside it can often be a recipe for decreasing business or ultimate collapse. Kat stresses that there will inevitably come a time for everyone to reassess their professional limits, and not feel ashamed to let things go.

As we move forward into the new world, Kat believes one of the biggest challenges agencies will face is in the ability to recruit. She points out the average age of an insurance agent over the last 10 years has increased by 3-4 years. The industry is simply not talking enough about how to attract and retain talent, which Kat believes will eventually creep up on employers. Finally, Kat speaks of her own podcast also featured on Agency Nation called Rules Still Apply, where she speaks with sales leaders from outside insurance.


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