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Cloud-based VoIP and CRM

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, host Bradley Flowers from Portal Insurance sits down with Steve Mohr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LightSpeed Voice, a VoIP, cloud-based IP telephony provider, founded to provide the insurance industry with reliable VoIP and client relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Steve discusses his trajectory in technology and how he arrived at LightSpeed. His previous positions included a role in technology sales with a company eventually purchased by Allstate. With the acquisition, Steve began working for Allstate in a Product Management position. LightSpeed Voice was one of the first integration methods adopted by Allstate, marking Steve’s first exposure to the company. He maintained a relationship with LightSpeed’s CEO and, growing bored in his current position, he joined the LightSpeed team.

Next, Steve shares his experience rolling out LightSpeed to thousands of Allstate employees. He stresses the importance of knowing how and when to say no and accepting that it’s never possible to completely please everyone. He explains the hurdles currently faced by LightSpeed as they work towards developing their own softphone software. Additionally, he shares the ways COVID-19 impacted the business and the initial surge that occurred.  They discuss inscription and what the future of voice technology will likely look like. LightSpeed is able to deliver post-call analytics by picking out key words said during calls. He predicts real-time analytics is not quite within reach just yet. Smaller companies are going to have to figure out ways to perform work that is more time and cost efficient.

LightSpeed is an independent agency among the big players of the VoIP space, which sets them apart from their competition. Their largest focus is to pop the screen on an inbound phone call. Then, upon completion, they establish a note in the system containing all gathered information regarding a call, including its length, the people involved, and a link to a recording. Their next frontier is texting integration.  Finally, Steve explains how LightSpeed works around different integration barriers presented by some companies. With the pop on the screen noting an entire phone conversation, a person usually feels more accountable for what they say. LightSpeed has regional representatives and new clients are given a dedicated person for direct support.


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Contact LightSpeed Voice at 877-777-VOICE or info@lightspeedvoice.com.

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