Author: Marty Agather

How Much Sugar Do You Need to Sweeten the Lemonade

There Might be Too Much Sugar in Lemonade’s “Zero Everything”

What impact can the industry expect from Lemonade's "Zero Everything" insurance policy? Marty Agather breaks it down ... more
strategic insurance branding

From Tactical to Strategic Insurance Branding with Peter van Aartrijk & Tony Wessling – ANR68

There is a big difference between tactical and strategic insurance branding. Join special guests, Peter van Aartrijk and Tony Wessling ... more
disruptive insurance technology

What Charles Lindbergh’s Transatlantic Flight Teaches Us About the Rise of Chatbots

Today we're going to have a discussion about the rise of chatbots. But first we need to learn about Charles ... more
InsurTech Disruptors

Think You’re Ready to Beat Insurtech Disruptors? Read This To Find Out.

Everyone's talking about how Insurtech is disrupting our market, but who is talking about how to beat them? Inside you'll ... more
Five Reasons Your Website Slams the Door On Prospects

Insurance Buyer Journey: 5 Reasons Your Website Slams the Door On Prospects

The new insurance buyer journey is real and your website could be the reason your agency isn't taking advantage. Learn ... more
insurance buyer journey

Why Independent Agents Are Losing The Marketing War

Today, 70% of the buyer's journey is complete BEFORE the buyer reaches out to you. Here's how to capitalize on ... more
insurance marketing basics

Price-based Marketing: Time for Insurance Marketers to get Back to Basics

Price-based marketing is taking the easy way out. Marketing is one of those jobs that "can't get no respect," as ... more
inherent value specialization

How to Capitalize on the Inherent Value of Specialization

What I'm suggesting is this: If they won't consider your agency defined minimum policy, then you don't pursue the business ... more
improve agency sales

The Least Expensive Way to Improve Agency Sales

Here at TrustedChoice.com, we've got lots of data. But data in and of itself doesn't get you anywhere. You've got ... more
Insurance Advertising The Race to the Bottom

Insurance Advertising: A Race to the Bottom

Is insurance advertising driving us to a lowest common denominator marketplace? Today we examine the extreme sport of "Free Diving" ... more
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Why Your Voicemail Phone Tree is Telling Clients, “We Don’t Care?”

Your voicemail phone tree just might be telling new prospects and clients, "We don't care." ... more
My Scarlet Letter: 5 Lessons Learned on Customer Experience

My Scarlet Letter: 5 Lessons Learned on Customer Experience

This is a story about customer experience and how I got an extended tour of the bowels of Toronto's airport ... more