Author: Marty Agather


The 5 Reasons You Hate Change (and what to do about it)

While listening to a podcast the other day, I heard Ray Wang from Constellation Research describe companies who are facing a ... more
digital marketing gold

Digital Marketing Opportunities: Pure Gold or a Burden?

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Insurance Marketing: Beer or Wine?

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Insurance Industry Disruption: The New Normal Creates Launch Pad for Disruptors

There is a new normal in the way independent insurance agents do business. This new normal has created a launching ... more
A "Tail" of Customer Experience

A "Tail" of Customer Experience

This story of customer experience ties our perceptions of the airline industry to the insurance industry and what we can ... more
Fighting Wildfires With Squirt Guns

Fighting Wildfires with Squirt Guns

This is a critical time for our industry. The wildfire is burning. We must put down our squirt guns and ... more
Stories that Sell

11 Simple Steps to Stories That Sell

How to use the 3-5-3 Formula to create stories that sell. Here are 11 simple steps about stories that sell ... more

The Story Formula: The Simple Approach to Stories That Sell

The secret formula to help you write stories that resonate with your customers and prospects. How to develop stories that ... more
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Storytelling: Is Your Marketing Just a Whisper in a Hurricane?

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Write More Business: The Insurance Producer Guide

Want to write more business? Here is the ultimate insurance producer guide to write more business for your agency ... more
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Real Success: The Future is Bright for Independent Agents

The future is bright for independent agents. Today we discuss the real success happening every day on TrustedChoice.com. Learn whats ... more
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The Battle Begins: Google Compare Auto Insurance Launches in California

The Battle Begins: Google Compare Auto Insurance launches in California. Learn how your independent insurance agency can fight back ... more