That depends on how much you’ve invested.

Yesterday I had to collect the two older kids from my parents house in the middle of a snow storm. Today it’s a delayed Christmas celebration with the in-laws.

Full disclosure, I was originally (and still am) planning for this to be part of a bigger discussion in this week’s vlog episode.

However, I really couldn’t shake this from my brain and that’s usually the only test for what gets written in this space.

Would you place a $1,000 bet on yourself?

What about $2,000?

If not, should you be surprised you’re not winning anything more?

I mean, why should you when other people are betting big and taking chances?

You have to keep growing and supplying yourself with the tools, knowledge and resources to get there.

That’s how you play the long game.

I touched upon this a couple weeks back talking about the feeling of disruption and lack of need to profit.

Then I saw this video from Beme News highlighting the same concept across and even wider range of crazy big new businesses.

The idea that intense growth is more valuable than pocketing every last dollar, isn’t an easy one to hold on to at first.

If this newage growth strategy is dominating the business landscape, why couldn’t (shouldn’t) it apply to you?

Should building skills and creating leverage (growth) be some of your most valuable assets today?

Instead of limiting yourself to only what “the company” is willing to bet?

I think so.

Especially when they barely want to play the long game for themselves, let alone someone who might not be around to finish it with them.

It’s gotta be your responsibility to identify the things you know you need to be successful, regardless if anyone else sees them.

You’re not even playing the short game if you’re worried about a $1,000 investment in yourself.

That’s like only playing the first hole on a putt putt course. No, not mini golf, there’s a difference, look it up.

That $1,000 should be able to supply you with a 10, 15 maybe even 20 times return.

That return doesn’t have to be dollars.

It could be attention, influence or admiration.

They are all highly transferable to the thing we’ve long been condition to bet on.

The only question is are you willing to place it?

See you out there and enjoy your New Years Eve Sunday.


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