The TrustedChoice.com and Agency Nation team have talked with hundreds, if not thousands, of insurance producers across the country about the power of insurance agency blogging. Unfortunately, many of these insurance producers do not have the capability to produce a new blog post.

There are many different reasons why an independent insurance agency would not have a blog. There are even more reasons why an insurance producer might not be allowed to create blog posts, even if the agency has a blog.

Four Blogging Alternatives for Insurance Producers

Fortunately, insurance producers have blogging alternatives to their agency’s website. In this episode of IA Today, we discuss four blogging alternatives for insurance producers with no agency blog that still want to harness the power of content marketing.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to another episode of IA Today. My name is Ryan Hanley. I am the Vice President of Digital Marketing for TrustedChoice.com and Agency Nation. Today we’re going to discuss four blogging alternatives for insurance producers who may not have access to an agency blog.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Your insurance principles may not be willing to spend the money. They may not understand technology. You may have other priorities, other initiatives, going on at that time. Maybe they’re worried about you building your own personal brand. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding on how leads… on how you’ll be compensated and who’ll be compensated based on the leads that come through the internet. These are all potential reasons, or many more, why you may not have access to an agency blog.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creating content online. The connected generation consumers are becoming a larger part of the market place. Every single day we see that, and why GEICO continues to grow in double digits every year and State Farm at 5 billion plus and Written Premium grew another 5% less last year. These companies grow because they’re in this space and they’re capturing these demographics, and if you want to grow your business, even though we’ll never be at that scale, we need to at least, to some extent, be using these tools.

Want to talk about four alternatives.

The first, Google Plus. Each individual post that you create on Google Plus is indexed and ranked at it’s own webpage. There’s a chance that it’s going to show up in search. It’s not a perfect format. It’s not the preferred method of blogging by any means, but if you have no other means, I think Google Plus is an excellent alternative because it does show up in search. There are a lot of, especially B to B opportunities, to network with people in your community and ultimately pull clients out, at least new relationships and new leads and I think Google Plus is one option.

The second option would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a new publishing platform, which means you can create long-form posts that look very similar to blog posts, people can subscribe to your LinkedIn post. You can put images in there. You can put videos in there. You can do… whatever you could do with a traditional blog post, you can put in to a LinkedIn post and then you also have access from these LinkedIn posts to that larger LinkedIn community. Again, a lot of opportunity in the B to B format to get your expertise out in front of potential clients.

The third would be to create your own site, so buy… like I did five years ago, I bought ryanhanley.com and that started actually as an insurance producer site. I call myself the Albany Insurance Professional and I started blogging. I branded the site that people knew I was still part of my agency, but that this was my own voice and I was talking about the coverages that I wanted to write and trying to attract the type of clients that I wanted.

The fourth and final alternative would be write for other sites. If you don’t have your own site, you don’t want to create your own site, you don’t want to use LinkedIn or Google Plus, you could always find other publications, other websites, creating content, either in your niche or in your community, and submit articles to them and become a regular contributor and at the end, in the author box, have ways for people to get a hold of you, either your email address, one of your social profiles, or if you are contributing to a publication in a local market, then I would definitely include your phone number in the author box so that if one of the readers ultimately wants to work with you, they can just pick up the phone and get a hold of you and many will in that format.

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