“But Ryan, insurance is boring. My friends don’t want to hear about insurance.”

Insurance is boring.

It just is.

That doesn’t mean the marketing of insurance has to be boring.

Over last five years I’ve given more than 60 presentations throughout the US to groups of insurance agents hoping to improve their digital and social media marketing success.

Without fail, someone in the audience will raise their hand and use the “Insurance is boring” argument as a reason for not embracing social media marketing in their business.

Today we’re going to examine the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner and extract insight into how insurance marketers can overcome the “Boring” hurdle.

1) Integrate Offline Activity with Social Media Marketing

84% of social media marketers have integrated their traditional marketing activities with social media.

Taking clients and prospects from the physical world to the digital can take work. My recommendation is to start simple by adding your most active social media profile URL to business cards, advertisements and direct mail. Additionally, adding social media profiles to your website and emails help attract new connections.

Do not assume prospects and clients will connect with you on social media unless you ask them to.

2) Analyze Social Media Activity

72% of social media marketers regularly review their activity.

Use tools like Buffer, SumoMe, and Google Analytics to stay on top of social media referral traffic. Additionally, almost every social media platform how has native analytics (i.e. Twitter and Facebook Insights).

The insurance business is too hectic to waste time on activities that do not generate results. Track your progress and adjust strategy and tactics accordingly.

 3) Social Media Marketing Persistence

More than 50% of social media marketers who’ve been using social media for more than 2 two years report it helped improve sales.

Social media marketing does not lead to overnight success. You will not see results tomorrow or even next week. But if you persist, over time, you build a loyal audience of prospects and clients that believes in the work you do.

Understand that social media marketing success takes time and attention. Set yourself to the task and if you persevere the rewards will be waiting.

4) Social Media as an Introduction Tool

91% of social media marketers report an increase in brand exposure.

Your primary reason for engaging in social media marketing should not be to sell. Sales is a byproduct of effectively increasing exposure to your brand and building new and stronger relationships with your target market. There are few tools available to the insurance marketer today as powerful as social media for increasing brand exposure.

Take control of your brand by harnessing the power of social media marketing to introduce your agency to more potential clients.

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5) Build New Partnerships

More half of marketers using social media over 2 years reported increase in business partnerships.

The result of increased brand exposure from persistent use of social media to spread your agency’s message is opportunity. Most notably that opportunity comes in the form of partnerships. Some of these partnerships may be inside in the insurance industry, but the most profitable come from new connections with centers of influence (key referral partners in your community).

By putting your agency’s message out into the world you’ll be making yourself available to new potential partners who share your same values.

6) Use Social Media for Traffic Generation

81% of marketers report an increase in website traffic from as little as 6 hours of social media work a week. 

There is no doubt. Social media marketing done right generates website traffic. Since most insurance agencies use Facebook in some fashion, here is an article from Social Media Examiner that will help get you started driving traffic from Facebook: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

You don’t have to spend all day on social media to drive website traffic. 

7) Leverage Social Media to Increase Audience Loyalty

64% of marketers report an increase in audience loyalty after one year of activity.

Why does it take so long to reach sustainable success in the insurance industry? Because insurance buyers want to know you’ve been around for a while. By committing to social media, consistently sharing and engaging, you’re building trust and ultimately loyalty.

We trust and are loyal to the businesses who show up. This is no different on social media.

8) Use Slideshare to Tell Your B2B Story

24% of marketers are using Slideshare to reach new business prospects.

An interesting supplemental stat is the 43% of marketers plan on increasing their Slideshare effort in the coming year. There are few platforms which allow insurance marketers to creativity display their message while maintaining a professional feel like Slideshare. Use a service like Upwork or Infobrandz to create a visually powerful presentation you can upload and share on Slideshare.

See the example Slideshare presentation below I recently gave at the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas Annual Convention:

9) Target Specific Business Using Facebook Advertising

53% of marketers use Facebook advertising (the highest percentage of any platform).

Facebook is an advertising platform. Yes, there is still value in organic reach. But if you really want to extract the full value that Facebook has to offer your insurance agency, you’re going to have to spend some money. The good part is, done right, Facebook Advertising can be incredibly profitable. Get a jumpstart on Facebook Advertising by following the work of Jon Loomer.

Don’t sleep on Facebook Advertising. A few upfront dollars can mean big return down the road.

10) Attract Attention with Engaging Visuals

71% of marketers use visuals in their social media marketing.

Social media is a visual environment. Think about your own social media usage. Does a block of text attract your eye? Certainly not as much as an inspired image. Use a free image resource such as Unsplash and tools such as Canva to create eye catching imagery for you social media posts.

visual social media marketing

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The Rub

One interesting statistic found in the 2015 Social Media Marketing Report from Social Media Examiner, was not related to social media, but rather blogging.

57% of B2B marketers found blogging to be the most important type of content to their marketing efforts. Only 39% of B2C marketers agreed.

Social media marketing done with purpose and consistency can yield incredible results. There is no doubt about it. But despite the power of quality social media work, high quality, valuable blog content still drives insurance agency website success.

So yes… insurance is boring.

But that doesn’t mean that social media marketing can’t be an effect tool in driving agency growth.

How do you use social media to grow your agency?

Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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