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broker buddha smart forms
Broker Buddha is an insurtech startup working to make supplemental form smart for independent agents.

broker buddhaIn this episode of Agency Nation Radio, we’re joined by Jason Keck, CEO and co-founder of Broker Buddha, the insurance industry’s first AMS extension for supplemental smart forms.

This interview is the first in a new series we’re doing on insurtech startups working to improve the independent insurance industry.

Here are a few key points about Broker Buddha:

  • Broker Buddha helps commercial insurance agents increase client retention & close rates while saving time.
  • Founder Shield is one of the fastest growing agencies in the country right now and the Broker Buddha platform is a critical component of their success.
  • To successfully leverage technology for growth, agents need a workplace culture that is open to change that feels native to the way they’ve always operated.

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Broker Buddha Company Mission

  • Our mission is to bring innovation to commercial insurance through technology for agents and brokers, reinforcing their role at the center of the ecosystem by giving them the tools to build deeper relationships with both their clients and their carrier partners.

Platform Features

  • Online Supplemental Smart Forms
  • 1 Click Renewals
  • eSignature
  • Composite Applications for every Coverage Type
  • Program Links
  • Salesforce Integration (coming soon)

Key Stats from Founder Shield case study

  • 95% Client Retention
  • 54% Bind Rate
  • 80% More Efficient than other brokerages
    • 300 applications / month (Founder Shield) vs. 60 applications / month (average broker)
    • It takes Foundershield less than 1 minute to generate a renewal application with Broker Buddha / It takes brokers 5 minutes to copy information into renewal applications

Get a demo from Broker Buddha today!

The Rub

Whether you choose to use Broker Buddha is completely up to you. What’s important is that independent agents and carriers know their insurtech startups in the marketplace working improve the insurance agency channel.

Broker Buddha is one of those insurtech startups.

We’re excited to share more with you.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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