The Future is Here

Google is a verb, and consumers are shopping online for everything from groceries to life insurance. Even though we have a plethora of information at our fingertips, we still want and need that one-on-one connection agents have been building their businesses on for years.

If you think all online buyers are simply price shopping, you’re mistaken! Online buyers are also educating themselves, and thanks to they now have a one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about buying insurance.

More importantly, they’re connecting with independent insurance agents in their area who are experts in providing personalized service.

It’s key that you treat your online prospects the same way you would treat a neighbor stopping by to ask for help with an insurance question. After all, people still buy from people, and ultimately it’s up to you to build a relationship.

Part of building that relationship involves careful management of your online presence and brand, including your profile. Adding a personal touch will encourage shoppers to choose your agency over another that may not have a logo or positioning statement.

The Online Buyer is a Real Customer

By changing the way we view online insurance shoppers, we can change our relationship with them. Respond to your referrals immediately, and treat them as if they just walked in the front door.

The online buyer expects fast response, and waiting 24-48 hours to respond to an email may mean that they’ve already moved on to the next agency. I suggest setting a two-hour response time goal for all online prospects.

In addition, assume nothing! If you think they’re simply “shopping around,” chances are you won’t be focused on building rapport and trust, and you run the risk of losing that online buyer to an agent who does want to develop a long-term relationship with them. is committed to educating individuals and business owners on the advantages of choosing an Independent Insurance Agent. As an agent, you are in the relationship-building business and that hasn’t changed despite the digital revolution.

What has changed is the way people are finding you. Grab your piece of the pie by claiming your advantage profile, if you haven’t done so already, and make sure you treat the online leads that come your way with the same care that you would an in-person customer.

Thank you,

Amy Sanders

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