In the very first episode of Agency Nation TV, we’re joined by Insurance Industry thought-leaders Rick Morgan and Jason Cass, in addition to show co-hosts Marty Agather and Ryan Hanley, to tackle one of the most important topics facing the independent insurance industry: TRUST.

Watch the video replay of our conversation below:

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Building Trusted Relationships

As an industry, we talk about independent agents building trusted relationships and that trusted relationships are a key goal of social media and digital marketing success.

Spurred by an email from Rick Morgan, we set out to discuss these questions:

  • Are “Trusted Relationships” just a tagline, sound bite or a valid concept?
  • Is it really possible to build “Trusted Relationships,” at least in any significant enough numbers to have an impact on sales?
  • Is a “Trusted Relationship” even necessary or important to clients?
  • Do customers actually want a “Trusted Relationship,” or are honesty and competence enough?
  • Does trust mean something different to different consumers?
  • What is the difference between a personal and corporate brand?

One of the major takeaways from our discussion, which continued to resurface regardless of the aspect of trusted relationships being discussed, was the idea that trust is built differently by everyone.

For some consumers, trust can be built in a matter of minutes, while for others trust can take years.

One thing that we all agreed on was that in terms of importance to insurance marketing success, building trusted relationships is at the top of the list.

How do you build trusted relationships with your clients?

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