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beyond auto insurance

How to Move Beyond Auto Insurance and Win Back Carrier Attention

Carriers built tools for consumers, but agents were left to conduct business as if it was 1980. It's time move ... more
tax deductions insurance agents

9 Tax Deductions For Savvy Insurance Agents

Tax season is upon us. While some agents dread the inevitable sit down with their tax preparer, you’re not one ... more
digital culture

The Frustrated Producer’s Guide to Building a Digital Culture

Life as an insurance producer, in an agency you do not own, can be a struggle. Particularly when ownership refuses ... more
niche branding insurtech

Niche Branding: 5 Lessons From an InsurTech Startup that Made It

We are resolute in focusing on our niche branding, renters and multi-family home insurance, and let the shiny new ideas ... more
Small Life Changes better insurance salesperson

12 Small Life Changes that Will Make You a Better Insurance Salesperson

Do you want to become a better insurance salesperson? Here is a list of 12 small life changes that will ... more
13 Apps to Make 2017 a More Productive Sales Year

13 Productivity Apps to Make 2017 a More Productive Sales Year

A new year can represent a lot of things to insurance agencies – new business goals, an updated strategy, and ... more
inherent value specialization

How to Capitalize on the Inherent Value of Specialization

What I'm suggesting is this: If they won't consider your agency defined minimum policy, then you don't pursue the business ... more
24 year old insurance agent

13 Skills Every 24-Year-Old Insurance Agent Should Learn Before it’s Too Late

Back in 2005, as a 24-year-old insurance agent, I thought I'd step on the scene and teach the "Old-timers" how ... more
The Millennial Mom Insurance Agent: the honest gap between fruit snacks and rate increases

The Millennial Mom Insurance Agent: the honest gap between fruit snacks and rate increases

I know what you're thinking. "This is going to be another one of those female- we've got the power articles." ... more
improve your insurance business

70 Books We Promise Will Improve Your Insurance Business

Reading is a keystone to improving your insurance business. That’s why we put together this list of 70 books guaranteed ... more
perfect inbound sales interview

How to Perfectly Handle Inbound Insurance Leads in 5 Simple Steps

How well do you handle inbound insurance leads? Doesn't matter personal or commercial insurance, for inbound leads, customer experience is ... more
improve agency sales

The Least Expensive Way to Improve Agency Sales

Here at, we've got lots of data. But data in and of itself doesn't get you anywhere. You've got ... more