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relationship selling

Why Customer Value Hasn’t Changed – Relationship Selling in the Digital World

What our insurance customers value hasn't changed. Today we discuss relationship selling in the digital world. Read it here ... more
less responsive insurance agency

Creating a Less Responsive Insurance Agency Is Unacceptable

At a time when the independent insurance industry is under unprecedented attack, creating a less responsive insurance agency is unacceptable ... more
modern insurance consumer journey

Mapping the Modern Insurance Consumer Journey (Seven Ways to Prepare Your Agency)

Here are 7 ways to prepare your agency for the modern insurance consumer journey. We map out the prep work ... more
Google compare auto insurance

Google Compare Auto Insurance: So It Begins

Now that Google Compare Auto Insurance is here, what can the insurance industry do to fight back and win business ... more
opportunities for insurance agents

Seven Opportunities for Insurance Agents in 2015 Cost of Online Business Report

We took the 2015 Cost of Online Business Report from Copyblogger Media and found opportunities for insurance agents to exploit ... more
has the internet changed us all

Has the Internet Changed Us All? How to Position Your Insurance Agency for the Future

Has the Internet Changed Us All? Today we discuss how to position your insurance agency to capture the future consumer ... more
customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty: As Outdated As the Rotary Phone?

What does customer loyalty mean to your business? Today's consumer demands a new definition for Customer Loyalty. Find out ... more
local competitive advantage

Why “Local” Is No Longer a Competitive Advantage for Insurance Agents

Today we learn why "Local" is no longer a competitive advantage for insurance agents. Relying on location to grow your ... more
further your career

Shysters and Charlatans: How to Further Your Career and Avoid Getting Taken for a Ride

Learn how to further your career and avoid getting taken for a ride by the shysters and charlatans who try ... more
trusted relationships

Can Independent Agents Build Trusted Relationships in a Technology-Driven World?

Can Independent insurance Agents Build Trusted Relationships in a Technology Driven World? In episode one of Agency Nation TV we ... more

Increasing Agency Value: What the Buyer of Your Agency Doesn't Want You to Know

Want to know the secret to increasing agency value? Today Marty Agather explains the what the buyer of your agency ... more
what derek jeter teaches us about legacy

What Derek Jeter Teaches Us About Legacy

In this episode of IA Today we talk about what Derek Jeter teaches us about legacy and why we should ... more