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How Insurance Agents Can Drastically Improve Their Marketing ROI

There is one sneaky personality characteristic key to improving your marketing ROI that all the greatest marketers have in common: ... more
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Is binge working destroying your professional life and your insurance agency?

You’ve no doubt heard of binge drinking and eating, but have you heard of binge working. Being a binge worker ... more
speed to value

How Speed to Value Will Destroy Traditional Insurance

It will not be insurtechs that destroy the traditional insurance industry. Rather, it will be a complete lack of urgency ... more
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The One Skill Undeniably More Important to Insurance Agents Success than Sales

Attention is the currency of the Internet and there is work we must do now to ensure we attract the ... more
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Insurance Customer Retention: 7 Ways to Drastically Improve Customer Loyalty

Insurance customer retention is the lifeblood of independent insurance agencies. However, in the modern marketplace, improving retention rates is hard ... more
insurance customer loyalty

4 Easy Ways to Track Insurance Customer Loyalty

The only way we can improve retention is to track insurance customer loyalty before our clients leave. Here are four ways ... more
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Let’s talk about sex

And by sex, I mean Insurance. It takes practice to get comfortable having ‘the talk’ but hey – practice makes ... more
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The Scary Truth About How to Find a CSR that Sticks

What’s your first reaction when you get the resignation letter from one of your customer service representatives? ... more
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What it Means to be a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent in 2017

There is something different about Trusted Choice Insurance Agents. It's hard to point your finger on it exactly. It's a ... more
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How to Move Beyond Auto Insurance and Win Back Carrier Attention

Carriers built tools for consumers, but agents were left to conduct business as if it was 1980. It's time move ... more
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9 Tax Deductions For Savvy Insurance Agents

Tax season is upon us. While some agents dread the inevitable sit down with their tax preparer, you’re not one ... more
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The Frustrated Producer’s Guide to Building a Digital Culture

Life as an insurance producer, in an agency you do not own, can be a struggle. Particularly when ownership refuses ... more