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Copyright 101 for the Digital Age

Just because a photo is on facebook, or a post is published on a public blog, doesn't mean it's ok ... more
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Is Your Agency’s Brand Vanilla or Chunky Monkey?

We want to help you turn what may be a vanilla brand today into something with a little more kick! ... more
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The Social Insurance Agency: Nine Reasons You Shouldn't Hire a Full-time Social Media Marketer

Want to build a social insurance agency? Here are 9 reasons you shouldn't hire a full-time social media marketer ... more
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Email Marketing Analytics 101: What Agents Need to Know

Email marketing campaigns can be powerful tools to raise awareness, sell products, drive traffic to your website, and much more ... more
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Insurance Digital Marketing: How to Stand Out and Attract the Modern Insurance Consumer

Learn how to stand out and attract the modern insurance consumer in this modified presentation on insurance digital marketing. Get ... more
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Use Customer Stories to Set Your Business Apart

Storytelling is a powerful sales tool. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling stories ... more
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Why You Need a Blogging Strategy STAT

Over the past few years, blogging has become an important part of most businesses’ digital marketing strategy, and for good ... more
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How to Master Content Curation in Five Easy Steps

Let's make content curation easy. When you’re building a social media presence, it’s important to think of each piece of ... more
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The Insurance Agent's Quick Guide to Facebook Insights

It's time to take a deeper look into Facebook Insights, the native Facebook analytics tools. Here is the insurance agents ... more
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Social Media Image-Sharing Size Guide for 2015 {Infographic}

Today's modern insurance consumer assumes a certain level of professional execution of social media communications. Posting images to social media ... more
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How to Capture the Mobile Insurance Consumer with Video Marketing

We've reached the mobile tipping point. In this article we learn how to capture the mobile insurance consumer with video ... more
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The Secret to Getting Insurance Prospects to Call YOU

We all want more inbound leads. Today Marty Agather shares the secret to getting insurance prospects to call you. Learn ... more